The Writers for The 93rd Minute

Sean Bulvanoski

Sean B

@seanbulvo – you will never walk alone when you are with Sean. He is a huge Liverpool fan along with being an avid supporter of the USMNT and a fan of Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid. Due to his wide range of soccer interests from scouting, to marketing, to analysis you can expect to read a wide-range of topics from him.

Kyle W

@k2thedubs -When he’s not going for long walks on the beach or making scrapbooks, expect Kyle to be carving through the soccer airwaves in a Messi-like manner and delivering stories on a platter a la Ozil. This USMNT and Sevilla FC aficionado will write about all things soccer-related, ranging from youth development to tactical analysis to recent developments and much more.

Justin K

@justinkahle8 is a futbolista and coach looking to for any way to explore the game. Craisin enthusiast and caffeine addict; look for coverage of all things soccer from him.

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