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Guide to Rooting for the U.S.

Confused about all the tie-breakers and scenarios for the US to advance?  Here is a chart that shows every possibility based on the potential outcomes of the USA/Germany and Ghana/Portugal matches so you know how to root tomorrow.


The US advance in a win or draw scenario with Germany, which is easy to understand.  The confusion occurs if the US ends up losing and the Ghana/Portugal match does not end in a draw.  It could even come down to a “drawing of lots” between the US and Portugal should the scores align perfectly as depicted by the yellow balls.  If you are pulling for the US to advance along with us here at the93rdminute, root for a Portugal win or draw.  A Portugal win gives the US the best shot at advancing given the event of a US loss to Germany.


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World Cup Hops Day #2: Bright and Smooth to Enjoy Your Day

Day two is the first regularly scheduled World Cup 2014 experience that the world gets to enjoy. We have three games on the docket, one of which could have massive implication in who finds their way into the knockout stages.

Mexico vs Honduras



Both teams national language is Spanish. Both teams need this game to start their world cup on the right foot. Both teams have a lot of questions that need to be answered. Tomorrow, enjoy Modelo Especial. Take in the crisp, refreshing flavor and watch as Mexico finally finds a way for Chicharito to get on the scoresheet.


Netherlands vs Spain

Whoever doesn’t think this game has massive implications in the next round does not deserve the beer you need for this game. They are an official sponsor of the Champions League and they always come up with some interesting and inviting commercials. Heineken is your beer of choice for this game. Smile, watch some good soccer and enjoy.




Chile vs Australia

So, when a beer is described as “Australian for beer,” and your country is largely known as an island paradise, it doesn’t really matter the quality of the beer just that you have it and enjoy it with your friends. I cannot tell and a lie and say Fosters tastes like a carefully brewed craft beer but if you want a taste of the nation that you can enjoy for hours on end without major repercussions the next day then this is the beer you need.


World Cup Hops Day 1: The Perfect Beer for Your Viewing Schedule

The World Cup is a great chance to enjoy soccer. What is more embedded in the culture of the sport than that of a beer made for the occasion? This daily post will line up the best beers you can have with your viewing schedule. It can’t hurt to have options to deal with all the “professional soccer analysts” you will run into in your travels.

Day #1 Brazil vs Croatia

This is the opening match, the pinnacle of world sport. This game will be viewed by billions of people. Because Brazil is the host nation we must find a pint brewed and raised somewhere in the Amazonian land. We would be silly not to choose a beer as important to the country as the men’s national team themselves. Today, Brahma is your beer of choice. If you can get your hands on the Brazilian staple enjoy it as you watch the Brazilians take on the Croats on the grandest stage, in front of the grandest audience, as part some of the richest history in world soccer.

This beer won’t be to drown your sorrows but to celebrate the world as one as we embark on a great month of soccer.


World Cup Bracket Predictor

With the World Cup rapidly approaching kickoff, our Golden Goal live videocast this Sunday will cover our individual predictions on how the groups will shake out, the knockout stage bracket and ultimately who ends up winning the Cup.

Similar to March Madness for College Basketball here in the states, Fox Sports has a handy World Cup Bracket Predictor for those who would like to create their own brackets.  You get a good idea of who will be matching up in the knockout stage based on how the group stage unfolds.  Finishing 1st or 2nd in a group could greatly change the trajectory of a teams path to the title.  Try it out and see who has the best odds of raising the cup!

Don’t forget to stop back Sunday night 8pm ET to watch our live discussion on our own World Cup predictions.


“Inside: US Soccer’s March to Brazil”

A mini series leading up to the World Cup will show a documentary of what it’s like to be behind the scenes of the U.S. Men’s National Team. The series contains 5 episodes leading up to the beginning of the tournament as it trains in Brazil. Regardless if they make it out of the group or not, this is going to be awesome. It will be broadcasted on HBO starting May 13. Click on the link for more info: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/09/sports/soccer/watching-the-us-team-closely-yet-respectfully.html?_r=0

Yeah, so that happened…

While we were all enjoying our weekend in jolly old NYC (because you all were there celebrating my birthday and not viewing the tree or anything special like that), LA, DC, Rome, London, whatever tickles your fancy… A violent clash between fans of Brazilian clubs CR Vasco Da Gama and Atlético Paranaese occurred. Unfortunately hooliganism is still very prevalent in this amazing sport and while great strides have been made in places like Europe, there still is a great need of some sort of preventative action taken in countries like Brazil. Here is to hoping they figure this out, among other issues, before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.