Celtic and its Love for the Dramatic

You tell me. Did anyone ever expect Celtic to find a way to win against world’s best Barcelona last year? I think there was more of a chance of Gareth Bale ending up in the MLS.  But, they won. They made history and at the time, I am sure Neil Lennon would have looked at you and said this is the biggest win I will ever have in my Celtic coaching career and this is the best night of my football life. And at the time who would have thought differently? Well now he can after a historic comeback over Shakhter Karagandy.

Celtic came into the game down 2-0 aggregate after finding no joy away from home.  Somehow, Celtic took the luck of the Irish to a whole new level.

First, came a rocket from Kris Commons in first half stoppage time to go up 1-0. You can find a gif of the blast below.

i4G17FrMSAPUW GIF: Kris Commons thumps a long ranger v Shakhter Karagandy

Next, just two minutes into the second half, Samaras finds himself leisurely walking through the penalty area when BOOM, a well struck but poorly aimed volley found his foot and the classy Greek dinked it over the keeper to put Celtic up 2-0.

iUgIMKFH6sqVD GIF: Georgios Samaras levels up the tie v Shakhter Karagandy

If I were a Celtic fan, I would be losing my mind at this point. Two goals in the span of three minutes of play and more than forty minutes left to find a third that puts Celtic into the Champion’s League’s final group stage! So get me another twelve beers, I am ready to watch this final half play out! And wouldn’t you know it… It was as if Shakhtar’s defenders were part of a massive gambling ring that paid them some big money if they didn’t win this game because these guys might as well have had cinder blocks strapped to their feet. It was that or Celtic suddenly flicked on the fast forward and left Shakhtar back before DVDs. And wouldn’t you know it, that goal was scored in the 90th minute. How is it possible that two massive wins occur at such late stages of the game? Is Celtic Park carried by a being beyond our comprehension? I am not one to judge but if this continues any longer I might have to make it out there for a game to absolve my sins. I digress. Enjoy this goal and enjoy the Champion’s League. The group stage cannot come soon enough!

i6EtZuBLidYVr 2 down, 3 2 up: Celtic reach the CL after a heroic comeback v Shakhter Karagandy

Congratulations to Celtic for once again making us believe the leprechauns at the end of the rainbow. Now if only I could get my hands on that gold!

You think Lennon wasn’t excited? Check this out!