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Ronaldinho to Retire at Season’s End

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I am more partial to “Ronaldinho’s soccer skills are worth 100 million views.”

Ronaldinho Press Conference

One of the most skillful players of a generation, Ronaldinho is calling it a career. Always playing with a smile and always playing with respect for his opponents, he was a joy to watch both on the club and international level. Ronaldinho is currently in the midst of a 2-year contract with Mexican side, Queretaro but will void the remaining time to retire this summer. This comes at the end of an incredible career including stints at PSG, Barcelona, and AC Milan. Known for his happy-go-lucky playing style and incredible skill, the 35-year old Brazilian goes down as one of this generation’s the all-time greatest players.

Here is 12 years of Ronaldinho’s magic:



The Art of the Back Heel

Everyone loves well-executed, beautiful looking play. Everyone also loves a bit of eye popping wildness that is as unexpected as it is brilliant. As ineffective as many back heel attempts are, there are moments when the opportunity arises and those with enough confidence and bravado make those opportunities into the futboling entertainment we have all grown to love. Take this back heel for example:

Let me say that Ronaldinho is a ridiculous player. His quality and technique are incredible and what is even more impressive is the longevity of his ability. As much I would love to see Ronnie back in Europe, he has found himself back in form and potentially in line for a spot with the national side. But I digress, the degree of difficulty here is very high. To pinpoint a pass with your heel in your own half? That’s just nuts! But Ronaldinho is in a league of his own.

What about this goal:

I’d like to say I was capable of doing this but I would be a filthy liar if I did. Yes it was a friendly and yes Spain is awesome. But do you ever expect things like that from any single player? Not really. Negredo showed the world how to look pretty and how to score goals during it. The degree of difficulty here is just plain absurd. A chipped heel flick over a goalie and outstretched defender? Thank you very much! If i was him I would find a way to get the gif framed and put on my wall in the bathroom just so every morning I can see what I am capable of. But that’s just me. This goal is pure class.

Seeing any goal gets me excited but nothing more than a bit of flair and creativity. We all expect the Premier League season to bring us goals of class, technique and brute force that take any fans’ breathe away. Get ready for it and if you haven’t already sign up for our Fantasy Premier League and Premier League Prediction Contests! What a great chance to win free stuff