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Is Zidane Already on his way out?

Take a look at this graph below:


If there is one thing that is certain, success does not necessarily guarantee an extended stay at the Bernabeu. Rafael Benitez lasted 25 games at the helm, winning 68% of them. If you had the same, ludicrous, managerial policy as Real Madrid, every single Premier League manager with over 100 games coached would be out. Sir Alex Ferguson’s win percentage was 65%, Arsene Wenger is hovering around 58%. The bottom line is, in a game where the line between winning and losing continually gets smaller, it has increasingly become more difficult to win everything all the time. Parity is a good thing for the leagues but is a disaster for some owners to understand. Zidane is one of the best players and possibly the best midfielder of all-time. This will not hide him from Florentino Perez’s policies. If history is any indication, Zidane should already be looking for his next gig.

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Weekend Roundup – Snubbed Handshake

There were few Premier League matches this past weekend.  Matches were postponed as clubs like Man U and Chelsea battled it out in the FA Cup.

There were two epic matches on Sunday: Tottenham v Liverpool in the Premier League and Manchester United v Chelsea in the FA Cup.

Let’s start with Tottenham v Liverpool.

Match Highlights:

A thrilling game to watch all around.  Suarez started the scoring off with a lovely goal slotted past Lloris in the 21st minute.  Jan Vertonghen equalized with a header right before halftime.  He added his 2nd goal in the 53rd minute to give Tottenham the lead.  Stewart Downing got a lucky bounce on a lobbed back pass and was able to blast it past Lloris to even the scoring once again.  Suarez was then brought down in the box to earn a penalty which Gerrard finished to give Liverpool the come-from-behind victory over the Spurs.

This is a massive missed opportunity for the Spurs to put a hold on the 3rd spot in the table.  They have made the last 9 matches very interesting now, with glimpses of yet another collapse on the horizon.  They have a tough road ahead with Swansea, Everton, Chelsea, then Man City after they play Fulham next weekend.  Needless to say, they dropped some much needed points on Sunday and left the door open yet again for their North London rivals.

Now on to the other exciting match of the weekend which was Manchester United and Chelsea’s FA Cup match.

Match Highlights:

United kicked off the scoring with a beautiful header by Chicharito.  Rooney’s 11th minute free kick somehow missed everything but David Luiz’s fro, which wasn’t enough to keep it out of the back of the net, which put United up 2-0.  The 2nd half was all Chelsea however.  Hazard was given way too much space just outside the box and curled in a ridiculous shot which left De Gea frozen on one knee as he watched it pass him into net.  Nine minutes later Chelsea were level as Ramires slotted one past De Gea who got a finger to it.  The Red Devils were lucky not to concede the game winner to Mata, but De Gea redeemed himself with a brilliant kick save to earn a highly anticipated replay match.

A side note from this match that is getting some discussion today is Rafa Benitez’s snubbed handshake by Alex Ferguson.  Personally, I don’t see what the big deal was since it was before the match and not like Sir Alex was acting poorly following a match.  It’s a huge rivalry match is a late stage cup round, you should show some distaste for the opposition.  Another one of these ordeals the media just love to blow out of proportion.