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Make Money, Spend Money

Make money, spend money. This is the philosophy of many of the top clubs in the world. Each will spend ludicrous amounts of money to buy the “best” players and create a super club. Thank Real Madrid for the Galacticos club mentality and thank business tycoons and minted mobsters for the incredible influx of money in all of the top leagues. With this money comes expectation of revenue and winning. As much as I would like to sit here and say winning is most important, I’m fairly confident that if Man City finished 4th in the league and made it to the knock-out round in the Champions League, and merchandise flew off the shelves to the tune of $500 million and the TV deals continued to break records, it would not matter that the club underachieved and won nothing. It’s an interesting time in World Football and who knows if there is a bubble to burst. Check out this graphic below  (Deloitte) and enjoy some stats:

Money in world soccer.jpg


Henry Analyzes Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona

Louis van Gaal is under a lot of pressure largely due to the over emphasis on his incredibly rigid practices and lack of formational freedom during games. Manchester United is struggling to find goals and Thierry Henry does a great job explaining why. We all know that Thierry Henry’s thought processes were ahead of everyone else. We also know that his goalscoring record across all teams is prolific. For all his success, we must assume that he has some kind of footballing analytics in his brain that are useful for anyone to listen to and learn from. Here is a fantastic example of that. Henry analyzes Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona and uses different examples from different years that orchestrate the same point and movement. It is a great watch! Click here to have a look: https://streamable.com/e/u4uj

“>Thierry Henry Barcelona Analysis