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NYCFC Ambitions

Probably should’ve been posted a month ago, but for all you jabronis who still don’t have a clue about what’s going on with NYCFC, go get educated. You’re welcome.


Q&A (Part I&II) with Commissioner Garber

Say what you want about some of the decisions MLS has and will make but Don Garber is the perfect man for the job. He has a deep understanding of the image he must portray both from the league perspective and for his own PR purposes and he does so very well. One thing he has made an effort to do is be as transparent as possible when discussing the league. Too many commissioners of the major sports leagues in America seem haughty and secretive but Don Garber has a transparency about him that makes you believe he has the best interests of the fans at heart. While that may be smoke and mirrors, at least it is more than what we get from the other commissioners. Therefore, I think we as MLS fans should appreciate the candor he presents to us. An example of which is these QA sessions he did with Sports Illustrated that discuss: a small-market final, expansion, NYCFC, New-era owners, scheduling, TV, Chivas, and several other topics. Take some time to read this and stay up to date with where the future of American soccer is going.





Will NYCFC Be A Success Story?

And then there were twenty. And I foresee it dropping to 19 again within the next five years but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

And here we go, Randy Levine, president of the New York Yankees, Don Garber, MLS commissioner, and Ferran Soriano, Manchester City CEO caress a symbolic MLS power teat and are smiling wide with the creation of a “true” New York City soccer club.(Garber more so because of the $100 million pay day) There are many positives and negatives involved in this jump. Let’s have a look:

Pros: Manchester City has unlimited funds. Oil money doesn’t dry up overnight, especially when that money is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Manchester City has global reach and has turned around its fortunes in the premier league. The team’s global fan base is growing largely due to the team’s recent successes and its community outreach programs, many of which are located throughout the United States. The New York Yankees are one of, if not arguably, the biggest sports name in sports. In America, the Yankees are synonymous with three things… 1) Money 2)Championships 3) Steroids (wait, I meant silly wages for all players involved with the club.) What does this mean for the NYCFC? Easy, it means that things will done right. It means that when a stadium project is agreed upon they will not ask for state funding. Private funding will mean less hoops to jump through, less red tape and ultimately, a fast-tracked construction job for the new home of New York’s only true MLS franchise.

All this money is great. And I mean that is a serious way. Think about the MLS as a whole. Growing fan base, growing youth and academy systems that are slowly reaching out to every part of the United States soccer players. NYCFC will instantly have one of the best academies in the country. I promise that they will buy the best coaches, set-up the best facilities for not only the first team but the youth teams as well. Manchester City isn’t overly well-known for developing youth players but with proper funding and an excellent soccer school set-up, NYCFC could be on top of the academies and the MLS before 2017.

Competition is what the MLS thrives on. This adds to Don Garber’s mission of financial/skill level parity among all teams in the MLS. Will this team be able to afford multiple max-salary designated players? Yes. But other teams can to. NYCFC will create a massive cross-town rivalry with the New York Red Bulls. The Philadelphia Union are also close by and right up route 95 are the New England Revolution. We all know Boston and New York love their sports’ rivalries. Could this be another one in the making? I certainly hope so.

What about the cons:

I previously mentions the rivalry that will be created with the New York Red Bulls. That is all well and good, but what about the fan base of the Red Bulls who already struggle to sell out its home matches? What about the LA Galaxy/NY Red Bull, “BIG DAWGS” rivalry? Will the fan base disappear overnight? Will the big name players the Red Bulls have been able to commandeer fly ship because of the newly formed true New York team?

Could he jump ship? I think so.

We all know these players like the bright lights and New York has them all. I know New York City has a ludicrous amount of people in a tight area, many of which are soccer fans. Will they commit themselves to creating a real “footballesque, hooliganistic” atmosphere for the new club? It is yet to be seen, but the next year will certainly help clear up a lot of our questions.

NYCFC will not play its first MLS game until 2015. We have until then to wait and wonder.

Last question, Claudio Reyna has said that he wants to be  a professional coach. He has ties with New York City and Manchester City. Could this be his first go at a professional coaching career?

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