Small vs Tall: Which Team Would You Take?

Everyone knows the best player in the world is also pretty diminutive. Everyone also knows that second best player in the world is an absolute specimen of human and a bit taller. The great part about this information is that soccer has no definitions of height specifically of linked to world-class footballers. That’s why anyone can play and anyone can be successful. So I pitch this out to you… which team would you choose if you had to take only players over six feet tall or only those under 5′ 8?” The decision would be tough but I can tell you this, I would pay an incredible sum of money to watch this game go down.

small vs tall

Chelsea Wins!! Does Di Matteo Keep His Job?

I hate to jump right into this but I think his name must come up in the “Who will be the next permanent (like that happens at Chelsea) head coach?” Chelsea, a team left for dead, amidst a dreadful season with no hope at any sort of medalage comes from nowhere to take both the FA Cup and Champions League titles. This is something special and definitely something that should keep Matteo at Stamford Bridge.

Now to the game. I didn’t watch it. Not by choice of course but due to some other soccer obligations. It was a gorgeous day here but all I was thinking about was how the hell is Chelsea going to win a game at Allianz Arena with a less than full squad, against a Bayern team that is as impressive as it is potent? Chelsea didn’t win. They advanced. That is all they had to do to crown themselves as the Champions of Europe. Bayern had 20 corners. None of them were effective. Chelsea had one and converted. Drogba was always the one that would score. Ribery and Robben were good, but not great, not clinical like they needed to be. Chelsea rode a wave of confidence and defensive posture that was incredible. It is not easy to shock a home crowd with a penalty kick victory. It does become a bit easier when your goalie is a brick wall and was sensational all throughout the Champions League tournament. Petr Cech deserves much of the credit for Chelsea’s run. He was the backbone of a stellar Chelsea defense that thwarted the most potent attacks. Chelsea somehow found a way to win. Congratulations to them. My prediction was close. The right team but not the right score and I got a few beers out of the deal!

Back to Matteo. Roman has to give this guy a chance. Give him half a season like he does every other manager and if he is not getting the performances he wants, get rid of him and go buy Pep Guardiola. It he continues to provide the motivation, inspiration and tactical brilliance that he has so far, Roman might have been gifted a talent he otherwise would have thrown to the dogs.

The Champions League is won. Chelsea are the champions. Di Matteo has hope. So do the Chelsea faithful. Now if only then can convince Drogba to stay.