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Small vs Tall: Which Team Would You Take?

Everyone knows the best player in the world is also pretty diminutive. Everyone also knows that second best player in the world is an absolute specimen of human and a bit taller. The great part about this information is that soccer has no definitions of height specifically of linked to world-class footballers. That’s why anyone can play and anyone can be successful. So I pitch this out to you… which team would you choose if you had to take only players over six feet tall or only those under 5′ 8?” The decision would be tough but I can tell you this, I would pay an incredible sum of money to watch this game go down.

small vs tall


USWNT Clinches Spot in Round of 16

Nigeria did not make it easy. As much as the refs were trying to keep Nigeria in it via phantom offside calls and missed penalties, the USWNT found a way through via an excellent goal from none other than legend and future hall-of-famer, Abby Wambach. Check it below:

The USWNT will continue the tournament against the third place finisher from Group B/E/F, with the opponent to be determined after tomorrow’s final Group Stage matches. The Round of 16 contest will take place June 22 at 8 p.m. ET at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.

Steven Gerrard: 186 Magical Moments

One-club men do not exist. Not in the money-laden footballing culture that we live in today. This make Steven Gerrard’s accomplishments at Liverpool even more impressive. He consistently turned down moves to other clubs because he truly loved and truly believed in what he was a part of. Even more impressive is that Gerrard found the net 186 times. His role in the team changed drastically over the years, from a young-energy filled box to box goal-scoring machine, to a deep-lying playmaker that could ping the ball wherever he wanted. The transition was impressive as were his exploits at the club. Take some time and appreciate the 186 goals below:

Bayern Munich Buys Champions League Title

Yesterday, Bayern Munich was able to revenge last years disappointing finals loss and knock off their German rivals on the way to the Champions League title.  The match was definitely entertaining and like most big matches, was not without controversy.

If you missed it, check out the highlights here:

The first half, despite being a 0-0 draw, was very back and forth as both teams created opportunities and needed massive saves from arguably two of the top goal keepers in the world.

Bayern continued to handle the possession and create chances until finally the stalemate was broken when Arjen Robben dribbled far into the box and crossed a perfectly weighted ball to the head of Mandzukic to knock it into the open net.

In my opinion, the controversy occurred when Dante clumsily fouled Marco Reus in the box where the referee rewarded a penalty.  The penalty was clearly rightly given.

As you can see, Dante mistakenly tried to kick the ball with his dominant left foot and instead cleated the stomach of Reus.  Is it a coincidence Dante isn’t even looking at the ball?  The controversy is that Dante w as already on a yellow card, yet was given nothing from the referee for this horrible foul.  Maybe the referee decided that the penalty was harsh enough, but when a player commits a foul as sloppy as that one, there’s no reason a second yellow shouldn’t have been given.  The play is actually reminiscent of Nani’s straight red against Real Madrid earlier this year.  Obviously, had Bayern been down to 10 men for the rest of the match, the outcome most likely would have been different.

As the highlights show and as you are more than likely aware, Robben redeemed his Champions League final blunder from last season and scored the winning goal in the 89th minute.

The title of this post is not suggesting Bayern paid off the referee to get favorable calls.  Teams get favorable calls all the time and whether its coincidence or referee bias, I highly doubt and money is being paid to referees to influence matches.

So how did Bayern “buy” the title?  By buying and then announcing the purchase of Mario Gotze prior to the German clash.  Dortmund’s most important player just happened to be in street clothes for the most important match for the club this century.

It’s being reported that Gotze suffered from a “hamstring injury” that kept him out of the biggest match of his career thus far.  Could it be the hamstring or that he didn’t want to face the moral dilemma of playing against his new team on European soccer’s biggest stage?  You would think that the squad’s star player would tough out a hamstring injury in such a situation.

Had Dortmund’s most creative player been on the pitch, would the outcome have been any different?  We’ll never know but one can only speculate that he would’ve provided the creative punch that Dortmund seemed to be lacking for most of the match.

Unfortunately, let the dismantling of Borussia Dortmund begin.