Small vs Tall: Which Team Would You Take?

Everyone knows the best player in the world is also pretty diminutive. Everyone also knows that second best player in the world is an absolute specimen of human and a bit taller. The great part about this information is that soccer has no definitions of height specifically of linked to world-class footballers. That’s why anyone can play and anyone can be successful. So I pitch this out to you… which team would you choose if you had to take only players over six feet tall or only those under 5′ 8?” The decision would be tough but I can tell you this, I would pay an incredible sum of money to watch this game go down.

small vs tall

Steven Gerrard: 186 Magical Moments

One-club men do not exist. Not in the money-laden footballing culture that we live in today. This make Steven Gerrard’s accomplishments at Liverpool even more impressive. He consistently turned down moves to other clubs because he truly loved and truly believed in what he was a part of. Even more impressive is that Gerrard found the net 186 times. His role in the team changed drastically over the years, from a young-energy filled box to box goal-scoring machine, to a deep-lying playmaker that could ping the ball wherever he wanted. The transition was impressive as were his exploits at the club. Take some time and appreciate the 186 goals below:

Messi: 401 Goals Worth a Watch

Hopefully you all are not lost under a rock and blinded from the majesty of Lionel Messi. If you have been, unearth yourself to this video below. All 400 of Messi’s goals for Barcelona are contained in 30 minutes of joy. Can he score 400 more before the end of his career?

Ronaldinho to Retire at Season’s End

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I am more partial to “Ronaldinho’s soccer skills are worth 100 million views.”

Ronaldinho Press Conference

One of the most skillful players of a generation, Ronaldinho is calling it a career. Always playing with a smile and always playing with respect for his opponents, he was a joy to watch both on the club and international level. Ronaldinho is currently in the midst of a 2-year contract with Mexican side, Queretaro but will void the remaining time to retire this summer. This comes at the end of an incredible career including stints at PSG, Barcelona, and AC Milan. Known for his happy-go-lucky playing style and incredible skill, the 35-year old Brazilian goes down as one of this generation’s the all-time greatest players.

Here is 12 years of Ronaldinho’s magic:


Napoli Stun Wolfsburg in Europa League Quarterfinal

Wolfsburg was flying high, winners of 4 of its last five games. Napoli was the complete opposite and in search of finding form once again. A flat start from the Germans allowed Napoli to take an early lead and the Italians would never look back. Napoli found four goals on the road to take a commanding 4-1 win in the return leg of the Europa League at home next week. A brace from Marek Hamsik and goals from Gonzalo Higuain and Manolo Gabbiadini saw Napoli through. Wolfsburg’s only consolation was a late goal from Lord Bendtner. When Lord Bendtner is your only source of goals you know it is going to be a long night. Now, Wolfsburg must go on the road and win 4-0 to find a a way through to the semi-finals.


Suarez Says he “had to nutmeg” David Luiz

There is something to be said about incredible footballers. Vision, pace, savviness, lethal instincts; all qualities necessary to be a successful forward. Suarez showed all of these in Wednesday’s Champions League tie with PSG. I quote, “A striker is always looking for goals and the two moves came off for me. I had to nutmeg Luiz twice because there was nothing else I could do.”  Check exhibit A and B below:

Suarez’s absurd nutmegs makes me wonder if David Luiz was paid to stand there sulking like his lollipop was just stolen by the family dog. Either way, Luis Suarez’s brace puts Barcelona in an ideal spot heading into the return leg at Camp Nou.

Fantasy Premier League Round Up

Soccer people, as long as the Premier League season is, there is not a better incentive to stay tuned in than the opportunity for bragging rights. We don’t guarantee that opportunity (or your solid performance each week) in our fantasy premier leagues but what we do guarantee is constant enjoyment for all and the opportunity to have your name permanently etched into the93rdminute fantasy premier league championship glory! The winner of each league gets his fantasy league username added to our winners trophy which will be created and placed on our page for all of time. There is nothing better than a trophy, except that the next time you get angry it gets tossed our a window into a hurricane. Now, you can relive your past glory forever! So good luck and here are the current standings in our leagues…

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.14.58 PM


Here you can see that the MonStars are in full control of the board but alas, there are many weeks left to recreate the table!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.16.48 PM


Some real barnburners in our head to head league this week. And some great overall performances thus far in our fantasy leagues. Keep on trucking and if you know any one that wants to join invite them to the league! There is still time to get involved!