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USWNT Clinches Spot in Round of 16

Nigeria did not make it easy. As much as the refs were trying to keep Nigeria in it via phantom offside calls and missed penalties, the USWNT found a way through via an excellent goal from none other than legend and future hall-of-famer, Abby Wambach. Check it below:

The USWNT will continue the tournament against the third place finisher from Group B/E/F, with the opponent to be determined after tomorrow’s final Group Stage matches. The Round of 16 contest will take place June 22 at 8 p.m. ET at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.


Van Gaal is Spicy After Chelsea Result

Soccer is a brutal game. You can play your best, have a dominating performance and come out the wrong side of a 1-0 result. This was the fate of Manchester United this past weekend and Van Gaal did not hold back his frustration in the post-game interview below.

Proud and frustrated is a tough way to win the league but United look poised to secure a Champions League spot, something we would not have been talking about around Christmas time.

Throwback Thursday – Eric Cantona

Everyone knows him. Even a generation past this legend’s playing days, Nike brought him back for a few excellently done ad campaigns. See below:

When the collar was up and he was on the field, any kind of magic was possible. This magic could be positive or negative. You could say that many younger people might know him only for his excellent handle of kung-fu and his ability to fly into the stands in a fit of rage. See below:

Or if you’re not into real people…

Either way, Cantona was quite a polarizing figure. The Frenchman was not great at going with the flow and always seemed to be in some kind of rift. The bookends of his club career, Auxerre at the start and Manchester United at the close, were the longest stays of his soccer life, both just lasting five seasons. In between, he was unable to settle in both on and off the field. One moment in particular that sticks out is his first retirement from soccer in 1991. Cantona was upset with how a committee was suspending him throwing the ball at the referee. After telling each member that he was an idiot, his suspension was increased to two months and subsequently, Cantona retired from the game.
Michel Platini was the French National Team coach at the time and convinced Cantona to come out of retirement and continue his career.
And then came Manchester United. Four titles in five years and it all might never have happened. After the kung fu kick, Cantona was stuck amidst rumors that he would leave English football for good. Luckily, Sir Alex Ferguson convinced him otherwise and King Eric went on to be United captain and lead the Red Devils to two more titles.
You will not find a more polarizing character with the touch of class that Cantona had. On the field, a fleeting moment was more like a generation for him and in that time his ability to create and score goals was immense. Who knows where United would have ended up without him?

Monday Musings

It’s always important to enjoy the weekend’s goals but it is not always easy to see the best ones. Some of us have commitments to things that create a schedule that we like to call life. So for those who missed some of these on the weekend, take a look below…

Senor Pogba – Juventus vs Napoli

Francesco Totti – Roma vs Lazio

Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal vs Stoke

Luis Suarez – Barcelona vs Atletico Mardrid

Arturo Vidal – Juventus vs Napoli

Ian Henderson – Rochdale

Tadic – Southampton vs Manchester United

Messi – Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

Tanaka – Sporting CP

Just to clarify that Neymar is not always faking injury, check out his ankle after a tackle on the weekend:

College Soccer Has Quality Too!

The beauty of soccer is that at every age and skill level there is an opportunity to play and thrive. College soccer is an opportunity for those not ready for the pro level to extend their careers and hopefully find an opportunity to move to the next level at some point during or after their college tenure. There is some majestic work in these games and a lot of the time, credit is only given to the biggest teams in the land. More than just the Top 25 are capable of winning games and more than the Top 25 are capable of scoring some impressive goals. Check out the following…

Exhibit A: Bryant University works so hard to get themselves into overtime away from home at Buffalo. Overtime begins and this happens:

Exhibit B: Ohio Wesleyan scores an absolute screamer:

And there you have it. And that is just one weekend and two programs. As we progress in this column and the college scene starts to define itself, there will be more analysis and opinion thrown into this category. Reality is, I want you to give the college game a chance to begin to understand that there is some good soccer being played in parts of this country and it is worthwhile to give it a look!

The Art of Angles

There is something to be said for goal scorers. They are paid the most. They have flamboyant hair cuts. They have no problem wooing your local dime piece bartender. They also have no respect for physics and the ability of a ball to find the 192 square foot frame of the goal from ludicrous angles. Sometimes I wonder if there is magnetic force between the ball and the frame of the goal because some of these goals just don’t make sense.

Check out this video:

If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

How does this compare with some of the most memorable outrageous angle goals of our time? Check out some options below:

Everyone knows Roberto Carlos meant this:

Here is a 3-minute compilation of some goals that almost had no business being scored. A big shout out goes to one of all-time favorite Gabriel Batistuta. That man could score goals for fun.

Lastly, Brazilian players are known for the flair and the ability to make the immaculate look relatively normal. Here is a FIFA interview with Nelinho. He claims his famous World Cup goal was a shot and not a cross. You be the judge.

And the best impossible angle goal goes to??? Let me know in the comments!!

Celtic and its Love for the Dramatic

You tell me. Did anyone ever expect Celtic to find a way to win against world’s best Barcelona last year? I think there was more of a chance of Gareth Bale ending up in the MLS.  But, they won. They made history and at the time, I am sure Neil Lennon would have looked at you and said this is the biggest win I will ever have in my Celtic coaching career and this is the best night of my football life. And at the time who would have thought differently? Well now he can after a historic comeback over Shakhter Karagandy.

Celtic came into the game down 2-0 aggregate after finding no joy away from home.  Somehow, Celtic took the luck of the Irish to a whole new level.

First, came a rocket from Kris Commons in first half stoppage time to go up 1-0. You can find a gif of the blast below.

i4G17FrMSAPUW GIF: Kris Commons thumps a long ranger v Shakhter Karagandy

Next, just two minutes into the second half, Samaras finds himself leisurely walking through the penalty area when BOOM, a well struck but poorly aimed volley found his foot and the classy Greek dinked it over the keeper to put Celtic up 2-0.

iUgIMKFH6sqVD GIF: Georgios Samaras levels up the tie v Shakhter Karagandy

If I were a Celtic fan, I would be losing my mind at this point. Two goals in the span of three minutes of play and more than forty minutes left to find a third that puts Celtic into the Champion’s League’s final group stage! So get me another twelve beers, I am ready to watch this final half play out! And wouldn’t you know it… It was as if Shakhtar’s defenders were part of a massive gambling ring that paid them some big money if they didn’t win this game because these guys might as well have had cinder blocks strapped to their feet. It was that or Celtic suddenly flicked on the fast forward and left Shakhtar back before DVDs. And wouldn’t you know it, that goal was scored in the 90th minute. How is it possible that two massive wins occur at such late stages of the game? Is Celtic Park carried by a being beyond our comprehension? I am not one to judge but if this continues any longer I might have to make it out there for a game to absolve my sins. I digress. Enjoy this goal and enjoy the Champion’s League. The group stage cannot come soon enough!

i6EtZuBLidYVr 2 down, 3 2 up: Celtic reach the CL after a heroic comeback v Shakhter Karagandy

Congratulations to Celtic for once again making us believe the leprechauns at the end of the rainbow. Now if only I could get my hands on that gold!

You think Lennon wasn’t excited? Check this out!