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Fantasy Premier League Round Up

Soccer people, as long as the Premier League season is, there is not a better incentive to stay tuned in than the opportunity for bragging rights. We don’t guarantee that opportunity (or your solid performance each week) in our fantasy premier leagues but what we do guarantee is constant enjoyment for all and the opportunity to have your name permanently etched into the93rdminute fantasy premier league championship glory! The winner of each league gets his fantasy league username added to our winners trophy which will be created and placed on our page for all of time. There is nothing better than a trophy, except that the next time you get angry it gets tossed our a window into a hurricane. Now, you can relive your past glory forever! So good luck and here are the current standings in our leagues…

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.14.58 PM


Here you can see that the MonStars are in full control of the board but alas, there are many weeks left to recreate the table!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.16.48 PM


Some real barnburners in our head to head league this week. And some great overall performances thus far in our fantasy leagues. Keep on trucking and if you know any one that wants to join invite them to the league! There is still time to get involved!


Fantasy Soccer is Back! Join us at The93rdminute

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Footballers and Football Fans of all ages, welcome to the93rdminute’s second annual Fantasy Premier League competition. This year we have will have two different types of leagues running throughout the year.


1) This will be a classic league just like in the past. You total your points each week and compete against each member of the group for the duration of the season.

Go to fantasy.premierleague.com and create a team today. After you do, join this league using league code: 532691-136135. We can’t wait to get this going!

2) This will be a head to head league where you compete against a randomly drawn opponent in the group each week. The best total record throughout the year will get the top seed and there will be three knock out rounds to determine the champion. It is a different look at fantasy soccer but will keep the competition fierce throughout the season!

Go to fantasy.premierleague.com and create your team. Once this is done, join the league using the code: 532691-136240.

Feel free to join both leagues!

Week 1 Fantasy Premier League Standings

Here is an overview of the current standings for our Fantasy Premier League:

Week 1 93rdminute Fantasy Standings


As you can see, we had some very good scores in the first week of play that were largely aided by Chelsea and Aston Villa’s multiple fixtures this week. Currently, the 1st place squad managed by Mikko Linnamaa looks like this :

Week 1 #1Will that be the team that can carry Mikko to victory? I’m not sure. There is a lot of season to be had.


Star forwards of the week: Benteke, Welbeck and Aguero

Star midfielders of the week: Lampard, Oscar and Joe Cole

Star defenders of the week: Ivanovic, Coleman and Shaw

Goalkeeper of the week: Mignolet

Week 1 Dream Team looks like this:

week 1 dream team If you somehow managed to pick this squad and didn’t enter our fantasy league. Shame on you! You could be on your way to a personalized jersey!

Good luck in this week’s fixtures!



The Art of the Back Heel

Everyone loves well-executed, beautiful looking play. Everyone also loves a bit of eye popping wildness that is as unexpected as it is brilliant. As ineffective as many back heel attempts are, there are moments when the opportunity arises and those with enough confidence and bravado make those opportunities into the futboling entertainment we have all grown to love. Take this back heel for example:

Let me say that Ronaldinho is a ridiculous player. His quality and technique are incredible and what is even more impressive is the longevity of his ability. As much I would love to see Ronnie back in Europe, he has found himself back in form and potentially in line for a spot with the national side. But I digress, the degree of difficulty here is very high. To pinpoint a pass with your heel in your own half? That’s just nuts! But Ronaldinho is in a league of his own.

What about this goal:

I’d like to say I was capable of doing this but I would be a filthy liar if I did. Yes it was a friendly and yes Spain is awesome. But do you ever expect things like that from any single player? Not really. Negredo showed the world how to look pretty and how to score goals during it. The degree of difficulty here is just plain absurd. A chipped heel flick over a goalie and outstretched defender? Thank you very much! If i was him I would find a way to get the gif framed and put on my wall in the bathroom just so every morning I can see what I am capable of. But that’s just me. This goal is pure class.

Seeing any goal gets me excited but nothing more than a bit of flair and creativity. We all expect the Premier League season to bring us goals of class, technique and brute force that take any fans’ breathe away. Get ready for it and if you haven’t already sign up for our Fantasy Premier League and Premier League Prediction Contests! What a great chance to win free stuff

Less Than 48 Hours Left to Win a Free Jersey!

We are down to 2 days until the Premier League season starts which means you have less than 48 hours to submit your fantasy Premier League team to join our league and also the last chance to submit your Premier League predictions for our prediction contest.  Both contests will provide chances to win jerseys so don’t be left out.  Enter for free today before it’s too late!


Information for the Fantasy Premier League can be found here.

Information for the Premier League prediction contest can be found here.


Good luck to all