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Klopp Will Leave Dortmund at Season’s End

We all love Dortmund. Even those that claim to hate the Borrusia side have a soft spot for Klopp’s men because they play an exciting brand of football and have arguably the best fan base in all of sports. Klopp has been the spearhead of the club’s meteoric rise and continued success in the club’s domestic and continental campaigns. Jurgen Klopp is somewhat of a polarizing figure. He is adored by and players of the club but is well known for his rants and tirades at officials and opposing coaches. Dortmund is well-known as somewhat of a “feeder system” for German giants, Bayern Munich, and I think losing almost every world class player has taken a toll on Klopp. He says, “I always said in that moment where I believe I am not the perfect coach anymore for this extraordinary club I will say so. I really think the decision is the right one. This club deserves to be coached from the 100% right manager.”


This begs the questions, where will Klopp end up? Manchester City seems like the logical choice. Klopp has been rumored a Premier League manager for years now and with City’s lack of success this season, Manuel Pellegrini finds himself on the managerial hot seat. Could Klopp be successful at City, in what seems to be the exact opposite type of club that Dortmund is? I’m sad to see him go and I am not sure if there is another manger better suited for the Dortmund job. Only time will tell but it is safe to say that Klopp will find himself in the Premier League next year.


Monday Musings – Bundesliga, La Liga and FA Cup Thrillers

I’d like to sit here and make a factual statement, “The Bundesliga is more exciting to watch than the Premier League.” (ok, not all that factual but still a valid opinion) GOALS ON GOALS ON GOALS. Let’s run through a few to start continue to help facilitate your drooling stupor on this lovely Monday:

Suarez continues to show that he is World Class: He takes his bike to work

Even Giroud showed a touch of class: Left magic roofed volley

Zlatan was a judo champion: Exhibit A

Robben is fast, Bayern wins 8-0: His technique is ridiculous

Dost was on another planet on Saturday (4 goals):

This is ridiculous

Last second winner

In other news:

Cristian Ronaldo still knows how to hurt people’s ankles: Elastico Nutmeg anyone?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a soul. He sports temporary tattoos that are names of children that are going hungry as past of his campaign with World Food Program

Messi equals most hattricks eve in the history of Spanish football (Legend)

West Brom made West Ham look mediocre at best

Stoke also got the run around from Blackburn

Lastly, Preston North End hosts Manchester United in the FA Cup today….United will need to stop this:




Borussia Dortmund Stop Play While Opposing Player Puts His Shoe Back On

What a great gesture: Dortmund may find themselves in a very precarious situation at the moment, but that doesn’t stop them from playing fair. When Hertha Berlin’s Per Ciljan Skjelbred was having problems with his boot, Borussia’s players were decent enough to wait for him to give the signal that he was good to go again. They get the thumbs up from us too. Bravo Dortmund.

Why do bad things happen to good people!? But seriously what a great gesture by Borussia Dortmund made even better by the fact they are currently in the relegation zone. They could have had the mindset that they need all the points they can get, however they can get them. Instead, they did the honorable thing and held up play so the opposing team wouldn’t be at unfair advantage. Hopefully, this good karma they built up helps them right the ship before their season ends with them being relegated.

Dortmund Better Than Ever

Is it possible that Dortmund are better than ever, even without Gotze? There is nothing telling me that they are not. After five games in the Bundesliga, Dortmund sit on top of the table with a perfect record. Lewandowski’s brace helped carry Dortmund to a relatively straight forward 6-2 win over Hamburger SV.  Dortmund, without all of the incredibly expensive signings, have carried last year’s excellent form into the start of this one. Does that mean they have the depth to win both the league and Champion’s League? I am not sure. But what I do know is that Marco Reus has not been asked to carry more of the load for Dortmund. Many would have expected that with the departure of Mario Gotze, Reus would be forced into an even bigger role with the team. Dortmund works differently than most teams though. They work as a unit, as a unified force that is incredibly quick to break you apart. Check out the highlights below and watch how quickly half of the team guns forward whenever there is an opportunity to do so. The pace of this precise movement is frightening. Dortmund will turn heads once again this year and I am sure Jurgen Klopp will have some fantastic quotes along the way.



Dortmund’s Best Chance to Win Champions League is Now


Borussia Dortmund pulled off a very impressive 4-1 victory over Real Madrid on Wednesday.  I thought it was even more impressive when you factor in the huge blow to the club that was made public on Tuesday when Dortmund announced it will be selling German wonderkid Mario Gotze to Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich.  This article even goes so far as to say he turned down bigger offers to go to Bayern instead.  From a fans perspective, that has to sting Dortmund fans.  Gotze has been with Dortmund since he was 9 years old.  So much for loyalty, right?


You would think the news of losing one of the best young talents in the world would demoralize a squad.  Actually, the effect was just the opposite.  Barcelona were outclassed immensely by the home side.  Dortmund played the match with huge confidence when many had predicted an inevitable all-Spanish Champions League final.

The obvious choice for man of the match was Robert Lewandowski who knocked home all 4 of Dortmund’s goals.  Entering into his final contract year, Robert will be considered one of the most highly sought after goal scorers in the world, especially after the performance he just put on against Barcelona.  His agent just announced today that a deal has been reached with an unnamed club (fancy timing).

Could he be joining his teammate Gotze at Bayern?  That would be quite the transfer window for Bayern – taking two of the best players from it’s closest rival.  Or perhaps, like this articles mentions, could he be on his way to Manchester United with the possible departure of Wayne Rooney?  Eden Dzeko would make a nice consolation prize for Dortmund, but he has hardly been in the class of Gotze or Lewandowski.

Last season, Dortmund watched Shinji Kagawa leave for Old Trafford.  Now, two of its brightest young stars are “confirmed” to be moving on this transfer window.  Marco Reus is another highly rated player possibly on the move within the next couple of transfer windows.  With all these departures, one has to assume it could be quite a while before Dortmund are back in a Champions League semi-final, let alone surviving the group stage.

It was the first time in Champions League history that two German clubs advanced to the semi-finals.  Now Bayern and Dortmund look poised to make even more history by facing off in the finals.  It could be one very awkward final for Mario Gotze should that hold true.  

Champion’s League Quarterfinals Round Up and Predictions

Soccer is surprising and as far as professional sports go, unusually unpredictable. Yet, we all have our prediction full of sureties and overzealous supporter’s grandeur. These very thoughts are what make soccer so enjoyable to watch. So it brings me much joy to say that yesterday’s Champion’s League matches were massive tests for each side involved. None of which could let their concentration fall because if they did, it was within any of these sides, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and PSG, to strike at its opponent’s weakest moment. And that is exactly what happened.

PSG vs Barcelona

A game of intercontinental giants that thwarted the oil-rich Parisians and world-beating Catalans. A tie that Barcelona is always expected to win only because Barcelona is always expected to win, no matter who the opponent may be. And this night did not disappoint, although some might say it was not a typical night for Barcelona.

What an exciting game it was. At times PSG looked like the dominant side, a side capable of pulling off the unthinkable at a stage where Barca is expected to be there best. Just when you thought PSG was on the verge, the Argentinian maestro, Lionel Messi scores, largely thanks to a brilliant ball from the fiery and oft dangerous Dani Alves. Going into the half, PSG was smiling, they were only down 1-0 after squandering many chances and Messi was off with a hamstring injury. As good as Messi had been, Thiago Silva and co. had done a great job containing him. The loss was not as massive as you might think.

But what did PSG do? What did both teams do? They came out flat. The first quarter-hour of the second half lacked the liveliness of the first 45. But the last half hour provided some serious entertainment. And for PSG’s first goal is a comedy show, a flicked header from arguably PSG’s best player on the day, Silva, to the one of the worst on the day, good old Zlatan. Zlatan found himself a few yards offside but a sideline ref blinded by some oil money(or maybe a roundhouse kick from Zlatan) found it in his heart to throw PSG a bone and keep his flag glued to his hip. In every replay from every angle, Zlatan was offsides by enough to piss off all of the tv pundits, but not enough for that ref. So there it is, Zlatan gives the ball away with every touch and now, after a gift he is involved and interested in the game again. But still, Valdes kept himself composed and PSG could not break through again. The score remained this way until PSG’s keeper, Mr. Sirigu we’ll call him, shut off his brain and gave away a penalty in the 89th minute. Xavi stepped up and calmly passed the ball into the right corner and that was that, the game was a wrap. But no, the previously commended Valdes was left in a seemingly ligament tearing body contortion after a deflected shot from Blaise Matuidi found its way through. Valdes couldn’t recover and with the last kick of the game PSG knotted it at two.

The takeaways from this game are:

1.) that PSG will not go through. They will not go into Camp Nou and win. Even with Messi out of the team Barcelona will run circles around PSG in the return game.

2.) Beckham still has some juice left, albeit slower than ever, he covered some decent ground and was a calming factor in PSG’s midfield

3.) If PSG wants to win, Thiago Silva will have to once again be brilliant in the back and Zlatan will have to show up from the start. These two guys are massively important to PSG’s chances

As for today’s predictions:

Dortmund vs Malaga – Something tells me Coach Klopp will have Dortmund raring to go. This is the only competition Dortmund can still win so I expect a powerful statement-making performance from the Germans. I see this one ending 2-0 in Dortmund’s favor.

Real Madrid vs Galatasaray – In an earlier post, I had mentioned how Galatasaray could be a dark horse in this tournament. I failed to mention that dark horses are easily dumbfounded and conduct electricity well. The white lightning that is Madrid will confuse and befuddle a lack luster Galatasaray back seven and will leave no doubts about their goals in the Champion’s League. I expect this one to be in the 3-0 or 4-1. There is always a chance, even when he is out of form, that Didier Drogba could tuck one away.

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