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No One Ever Said Dempsey was a Rational Man

In arguably one of the dumbest moments of Clint Dempsey’s impressive career, he put his team at an even greater disadvantage than they already were, by grabbing the referee’s notebook, throwing it, picking it up and tearing it to shreds. This all occurred while the ref was giving another Seattle player a red card for an extremely questionable violation. Please watch the video below:

Now, red cards happen, but not three in a game where you are already down a player due to injury. Apparently, this action will not soon be forgotten as it may qualify as “referee assault” which warrants a minimum of a three-month ban. Dempsey has lost his cool before, but not in this way. As a supposed leader of his team, there is no excuse for his actions and never a situation where they are acceptable. The question then becomes, what does this mean for his place in the USMNT if he is not playing club football for three months? Maybe he’ll go on loan to the Premier League or to Mexico? Only time will tell, but this is definitely the most idiotic soccer play you’ll see for a long-time to come.


Complete List Of MLS Player Salaries From 2014

Click here for the complete list of MLS player salaries in alphabetical order. Some of the highest paid players are Michael Bradley ($6.5 million), Thierry Henry ($4.35 million), Clint Dempsey (6.7 million), and  Jermaine Defoe ($6.1 million). Kaka has the highest salary with $7.2 million.

Here are two of Sports Illustrated takeaways (Of the 5):

  1. • Kaka and David Villa have very differently-structured contracts. Kaka may be getting millions, but NYCFC’s David Villa is listed as receiving a suspiciously low $60,000 in guaranteed compensation. SI.com understands that the structures of the individual players’ contracts are responsible for the massive difference in salary, and that the number next to Villa’s name will be much higher next season
  2. In all, 15 players are millionaires. The aforementioned Kaka, Dempsey, Bradley, Defoe, Jones, and Ridgewell are part of this list.The millionaire’s club also includes Galaxy’s Landon Donovan ($4.6 million), Omar Gonzalez ($1.2 million), and Robbie Keane ($4.5 million), Montreal’s Marco Di Vaio ($2.6 million), New York’s Tim Cahill ($3.6 million) and Thierry Henry ($4.3 million), Seattle’s Obafemi Martins ($1.7 million), Toronto FC’s Gilberto ($1.2 million), and Vancouver’s Pedro Morales ($1.4 million)

An important thing to note is that the league minimum is $36,500. This league has a lot of players who are making a great living playing in MLS but there are a lot of players who are making the equivalent of a entry-level salary in the sports industry. It is a livable wage but nothing compared to the league minimum of other American sports leagues.


Clint Dempsey Asks People On The Streets Of NYC About Clint Dempsey

This has been done before with other American athletes and personally I thought this was a little lame. No one he approached did anything noteworthy. Even the hispanic guy, who made the mistake of naming Landon Donovan the captain, was pretty close because Landon Donovan was the captain until he had his falling out with Jurgen Klinsmann. Overall this video was average but Clint Dempsey is the man so any video he does I will watch and enjoy. Four more years! Four more years!

Dempsey Shoves Omar Gonzalez, Proves They Are No Longer Teammates But Competitors

This happened last night in the Seattle Sounders/LA Galaxy game after Omar Gonzalez fouled Clint Dempsey’s Sounder’s teammate, Deandre Yedlin, and Clint Dempsey took exception to it. The most surprising part is that all three of the players involved in the fracas are teammates on the USMNT. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt their relationship with each other when they put on the Red, White, and Blue but since they are professionals they probably are much better at compartmentalizing these things. Full video HERE

h/t SB Nation

USMNT Accepts Award At ESPY’s for “Best Moment”

Let’s get this straight, the ESPY’s is just ESPN’s award show designed for their own self-gratification. Despite this fact, the show does provide some good moments, one of which was Stuart Scott’s speech last night. It is important to note that the USMNT winning this award shows that the USMNT is gradually gaining traction in our popular culture. A lot of these guys, especially Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard, have become household names and hopefully this is a sign of things to come. If US soccer players can become household names then more and more kids will begin to idolize them, and the more kids who grow up idolizing soccer players, then the more kids that will become soccer players.

Dempsey’s Scoring Woes

Source: http://hasclintdempseyscoredyet.com/
Source: http://hasclintdempseyscoredyet.com/

Clint Dempsey arrived at Seattle to much fanfare. However, since his arrival he has failed to score one goal. One would think such a prolific scorer coming from a top-tier EPL team could score one goal in MLS but that task has thus far eluded Clint. In fact, so frustrated are fans with Dempsey’s profligacy in front of goal that they created a site to record how he has not scored a goal yet (Picture above is a screenshot of that website.). What is wrong with Dempsey? Is he being crushed under the weight of the pressure of being the most expensive American player to sign with an MLS team? Is he he not getting the requisite service he needs to score like he does with the USMNT and did at Fulham and Tottenham? Maybe Dempsey has regressed more than many of us care to admit. Hopefully, Dempsey regains his scoring ways in the playoffs whatever is ailment. Not because I am a Seattle Sounders fan, but because the USMNT becomes that much more dangerous with a Dempsey that is on target then a Dempsey who is shooting blanks.