Manchester City Open £200million Soccer Academy

From The Mirror:

Manchester City’s new City Football Academy has been used for training purposes by the club since October but tomorrow it will be officially opened to the community.For an outlay of £200million you would expect quality, but these new pictures reveal just how state-of-the-art the facility is.

The CFA, or Etihad Campus as it is also known, has 16.5 football pitches, of which 12.5 are dedicated to youth development, and there is also an Academy Stadium on site, to be used for elite development squad’s and Man CIty Women, which holds 7,000 spectators.For the first team squad there is the Performance Centre, where the likes of Joe Hart, Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero will be training.

It includes a full-size indoor synthetic pitch, with seating for 200 people, as well as a gym, medical rooms, a relaxation lounge, teaching rooms, swimming pools and office space.The Academy will be home to over 450 players training every week, from under 6’s to the first team, and there are bedrooms for academy players living on site.

As well as the footballing benefits the CFA brings, the club also boasts that 2,000 new mature trees have been brought on site, while there is 46 acres of managed grass, wildflower meadows and landscape areas.

Above are only three of the pictures so click the hyperlink to view the entire gallery to understand how grandiose this academy is. These facilities are top-notch and after years of working out in crappy gyms and subpar fields I am getting so jealous just looking at these pictures. If I was a young talent and I went on an official visit to this academy I would sign on the dotted line so fast it would make your head spin. It is facilities like this that further support Jurgen Klinsmann’s controversial point of view that American players need to go to Europe to develop. No club team in America has facilities that come close to matching this and they won’t for awhile. A club needs a lot of money to construct something like this but it is a investment worth taking. Due to the ever-growing transfer fees in the international soccer market Manchester City could recoup their investment into this academy in less than a decade. That is not an exaggeration either.