Check Out Our Newest Weekly Offering: Coach’s Corner

We can start with a quote: “Soccer is simple, but it is difficult to play simple.” – Johan Cruyff

This cannot reign more true at any level of the game. Obviously, the opposing team complicates everything but so do the players, so do the fans, so do the coaches. Coach’s Corner will be an insight into different styles, tactics and ideals teams use to get beyond the defensive units and find themselves with chances to put it on frame. As the season’s grow and develop, tactics change. Coach’s discover more about the capabilities of their teams and make moves that will be allow each player and in turn each team to be as successful as possible. There is no limit to the changes that can be made but the number of changes varies based on coaching philosophies and personnel available. Is there a right answer to any question that soccer asks? Not really, multiple tactics and moves can be used to be successful in any given situation and that is what makes this game so exciting! This will be an opportunity for us at the the93rdminute to share our thoughts about these moves and we look forward to sharing them with you!

It all starts with the training so for this inaugural post check out PSV Eindhoven’s Senior and Youth training regiments as laid out by legendary Sir Bobby Robson. Just think about how much these sessions have been grown and adapted to deal with today’s football world.

Nothing says legend like posing with a statue of yourself!

Take a peak below and I look forward to the coming weeks with your analysis and commentary!