El Guaje in New York?


According to Spanish radio Cadena Cope, famed Atlético Madrid striker David “El Guaje” Villa will be the first signing of NYC FC. Apparently they are close to a deal that would transfer the potent front man to New York for the next three seasons.

As soccer fan in the US, I’m ecstatic, because If this is true we will have a chance to watch another amazing talent grace the MLS with his presence and further strengthen our league. This move also can potentially spark a nice rivalry between the NY RedBulls and NYC FC, further contributing the rich history of New York City’s subway series in their other professional sports.

I’m still skeptical on this decision as David Villa commands wages of €750,000 ($1,021,050 USD according to the current conversion rate of €1 = $1.36 at 2:05 pm on 5/29/14) and even though he is 32, he still is as dangerous as ever in front of goal netting 13 times in 36 games this year. He also was a part of an Atlético Madrid squad that made it to the champions league final and won La Liga for the first time since 1996, so why would Villa want to leave?

As a Yankees fan, I know, let me rephrase, EVERYONE knows that when it comes to money, they have the polar opposite of very little, therefore I’m sure they can afford many David Villas. My concern is not with the Bronx bombers, but with Mancity. Will their financial fair play issues affect their dealings with the MLS, or can the Yankees cover their wage and debt restrictions? Will they use this team as a feeder for their English squad? If this is true, how will the contracts be designed? Again, if this is true, would more American players trickle into the Premiership faster and at a younger age? These are all questions that hopefully will be answered in the upcoming summer months. Until then I leave you with this.