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Is Zidane Already on his way out?

Take a look at this graph below:


If there is one thing that is certain, success does not necessarily guarantee an extended stay at the Bernabeu. Rafael Benitez lasted 25 games at the helm, winning 68% of them. If you had the same, ludicrous, managerial policy as Real Madrid, every single Premier League manager with over 100 games coached would be out. Sir Alex Ferguson’s win percentage was 65%, Arsene Wenger is hovering around 58%. The bottom line is, in a game where the line between winning and losing continually gets smaller, it has increasingly become more difficult to win everything all the time. Parity is a good thing for the leagues but is a disaster for some owners to understand. Zidane is one of the best players and possibly the best midfielder of all-time. This will not hide him from Florentino Perez’s policies. If history is any indication, Zidane should already be looking for his next gig.

zidane manager.jpg


Report: Arsenal’s Gedion Zelalem Becomes U.S. Citizen

From SI.com:

Arsenal midfielder Gedion Zelalem has become a United States citizen and plans to commit to U.S. soccer, reports the Washington Post.

According to the report, Zelalem was in Washington on Monday to finalize the naturalization process and now just needs FIFA approval, which is believed to be “a perfunctory exercise.”

Becoming a U.S. citizen would allow the 17-year-old to play for the U.S., Germany (where he was born) or Ethiopia (his family’s homeland), but he has told American officials that he will play for the U.S., according to the Post.

Ever since news broke that Gedion’s father was applying for US citizenship the USMNT fans have been on the edge of their seat. Anyone with a brain can see why. Not only is he an exceptional talent but the French Maestro himself, Arsene Wenger, has revealed he has ‘high expectations’ for the young midfielder. I don’t think Arsene has said anything like that about any other US talent so it is definitely a cause to get excited. Expectations must be tempered though because he is only 17 and needs more time to develop. However, if this report is true then this is yet another coup for Jurgen Klinsmann when it comes to convincing dual-US citizens to commit their future to the USMNT.

Arsene Wenger Gets Special Zipper For His PUMA Jacket

It’s always nice to see when a coach/player can make fun of himself. To a degree it humanizes them and makes them more respectable. Although I still personally dislike Arsene Wenger as a coach I have to admit I found this video humorous and it helps me see him in a slightly different light. His big, long puffy coat has always made me laugh and it is great to know he is aware of it. To see what this video is referencing please watch the video below.

P.S. I’m blogging about this mainly as an excuse to repost my George Costanza/Arsene Wenger photoshop mashup that I still find hilarious but felt no one fully appreciated when I originally put it up (Perhaps there’s not as big of a cross section of Seinfeld fans and English Premier League fans as I originally thought)

Arsene Wenger


Alexis Sanchez Punched Branislav Ivanovic In The Side Of The Head

The ref missed this but it definitely looks like Alexis Sanchez punched Branislav Ivanovic in the side of the head. Ivanovic doesn’t even seem to flinch but I’d be surprised if the FA didn’t hand down a punishment. It is apparent Arsene Wenger’s players have learned his aggressive ways after seeing Arsene Wenger’s push of Mourinho during the same game.

Gedion Zelalem (USMT Prospect) Slashes Through Defense And Scores During Arsenal U-19 Game

Above is Zelalem’s fantastic goal in a UEFA Youth League game against Turkish club Galatasaray while playing for Arsenal’s U-19 side. His speed and technical ability is why he is so coveted by the USMNT and so highly praised by Arsene Wenger. He is not officially a US citizen yet but there are rumors that is it the works. C’mon US Government! Get this kid citizenship!

Pope Endorses September 1st Interreligious Peace Match

VATICAN CITY (AP) –Pope Francis is backing an interreligious soccer match that will gather greats from around the globe and is aimed at promoting peace and raising money for at-risk kids…Argentina coach Gerardo Martino and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will put together teams featuring Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist players. Among those who have signed up: Lionel Messi, Filippo Inzaghi, Samuel Eto’o.

This is a great idea by Pope Francis. It is well-documented that he is a big soccer fan and there is no better way to raise awareness then with some of the games biggest stars. It would also be interesting to see the different religions of soccer players around the world as it will help give the audience a unique perspective on how religion has no effect on the abilities of a soccer player just like someone with a different religion makes them no different from any of us. Hopefully this game gets broadcast somewhere because I definitely want to support this endeavor and I’m sure the same can be said for people all over the world


The Gooner Boom-Bust Cycle is 100% Accurate



This chart is from a few years ago but it still ever so pertinent to Arsenal fans today.  This past season has been perfectly depicted by the above chart.  Arsenal, once again, spent much of the summer on the sidelines of the transfer market.  Only until a deadline day signing of Mesut Ozil did the Gunner’s bring some quality to the club which raised expectations – and rightfully so (“Getting Better all the Time”).  Arsenal then spent the majority of 2013 atop the Premier League and their Champions League group table (“Walking on Sunshine”).  The inevitable difficult part of the schedule saw Arsenal drop points and fall from 1st to as low as 5th in the Premier League table in a matter of a 2-3 months as well as being knocked out of the Champions League by Bayern Munich (“Anger and Sorrow”).  Now, with a hefty “cash reserve”, Arsenal fans will be raising expectations this summer where the cycle will start all over again (“Dare we Dream?”).

Can Arsene Wenger break the cycle at some point?  Or will it be up to his eventual successor to try to eliminate the “anger and sorrow” of being an Arsenal fan?  At least Arsene has the chance to win a cup title for the first time since…well, here’s a website dedicated to keeping count.