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Watch FC Porto x SL Benfica In Virtual Reality

First live-streaming of a soccer game with 5 multi-cameras in 360 degrees Samsung Gear VR

The Virtual Reality revolution is beginning. It might seem like just another fad like 3D TVs but with the amount of investors and money behind this technology it will only get better. A lot of experts see it exploding in the same way as HD television did. Now this isn’t a technology blog so I’ll leave it at that. All I know is any technology like this can only improve how we can watch soccer so I’m all for it. Because unfortunately I am a soccer fan who doesn’t live anywhere near the England, France, or Germany so technology like this would allow me to experience games in a more interactive way since it’s difficult for me to travel to them. So for that reason I say, “Bring on the virtual reality soccer games!”


Osvaldo Alonso And His Father Reunite After 8 Years Apart

Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Osvaldo Alonso defected from Cuba in 2007 and has found incredible success in the United States, but he’s also made a tremendous sacrifice. Alonso never returned to Cuba and up until two weeks ago, hadn’t seen his father in eight years. With the two now reunited, it’s a dream come true for father and son.

This is quite the tearjerker. Imagine having to spend 8 years away from your father just to chase a better life and a better future for yourself? It makes me especially emotional because I never fully appreciated my dad coming to my soccer games. He was always there and I barely took notice. Osvaldo, on the other hand, probably looked over at the sideline every game hoping to see his dad standing there watching him. Cherish the little things you guys.

Train Drives Right Through Amateur Soccer Match

An amazing video has been uploaded on social media sites, featuring one of the all time great distractions in an amateur match in Slovakia. The footage was taken at the home ground of TJ Tatran Čierny Balog.

In all my years of watching soccer I’ve never seen anything like this. It does seem a little dangerous though which is probably why only an amateur club in Slovakia would build a stadium with such a ridiculous setup. Even if it is ridiculous it is a very cool idea. There are probably other clubs out there that have just as ridiculous field setups, if not more so. Think about how many amateur clubs around the world have unique stadiums like this that we’ve never even heard of. Someone should make a book with the coolest amateur soccer stadiums from around the world. I guarantee that my amateur soccer team’s stadium would NOT make it into that book.

Carlsberg Border Soccer

In these times of football fever, Carlsberg uses the magic of football to bring people closer. For once, people from both sides of the borders in Belfast, Nicosia and Kosovo, could enjoy the togetherness only beer and football can create

I know this is a commercial so it should be taken with a grain of salt but what a feel-good concept. It still amazes me that people still live under these conditions. As disheartening as it is at least we know that deep-down that we aren’t all that much different. Although it may take awhile for us to realize these things it helps to know it is bubbling under the surface when you watch videos like this.

FFDTV- Check Out this Channel

FFD was started by myself DJ Furious just having a regular kick about in the park with some friends. I then decided to film some of the sessions as i was coaching some players involved in academy football, with the idea to watch the footage after to see where players could improve. After reviewing some of the footage and showing some of my friends involved in football and music, I received positive feedback and felt other people may enjoy watching the footage. My friends and I are always watching football videos on YouTube and feel that we could produce a quality football series that all fans would enjoy and can get involved with through the website.


I ran across this site the other day and thought I would share it with everyone. It’s pretty cool they create YouTube videos showcasing the skills of soccer prospects. These kids are filthy and it’s cool to see a site showcasing their talents so that they get noticed. I highly suggest you check it out.

Ballboy Joins Goal Celebration

From Deadspin:

We are here because Wycombe were trailing at home to 10-man Dag & Red five minutes into injury time before the final whistle when Wycombe won a throw-in deep in Dag & Red territory. It was thrown in then cleared out of the box, before ending up at the feet of Wycombe right back Michael Harriman, who lobbed up a perfect cross to the far post. Wycombe’s Aaron Pierre darted in front of his marker and headed in the equalizer seconds before the death, sending the home crowd into hysterics.

The amount of respect I have for this kid cannot be measured by any earthly measurement. This ballboy did what all of us ballboys have always wanted to do but have never had the guts to do and thats joining in the goal celebration. It takes so much self-control to not join in the goal celebrations when you were a ballboy. It looks like so much fun that you almost feel compelled to join when you’re on the field.

When I volunteered for the Philadelphia Union I always dreamed of running onto the field to celebrate a goal. I always imagined that the brief moment of joy I got from that would be worth getting banned from the stadium. However, I always reasoned against it. This kid didn’t follow reason or logic. He saw his favorite team tie the goal and he couldn’t help himself. What made it even better is that the player who scored the goal picked him up to celebrate. The pure joy in this moment makes the whole world feel like a much better place.

League One Team Allows Opponent To Score On Them After Accidentally Scoring #Sportsmanship

From Deadspin:

Today’s League One match between Doncaster Rovers and Bury was scoreless into the 89th minute. Bury’s Nathan Cameron went down with an injury, and a teammate kicked the ball out so that Cameron could receive treatment. Upon resumption of the game, Doncaster’s Harry Forrester attempted to pass the ball back to the Bury keeper … and accidentally scored. After some chaos involving the two teams, both managers, and the referees, Bury’s Leon Clarke was allowed to walk the ball into the goal.

This series of events has been one of the bigger questions of my life. Whenever I see a player purposely pass to the opposing team after kicking it out for an injured player I always wondered what if that pass accidentally scored. A team with good sportsmanship should let the other team score but they aren’t obligated too. It’s an unwritten rule in soccer and therefore does not have to be followed. Considering soccer is a game of fine margins and this goal could be the difference between Doncaster getting relegated or not relegated at the end of this year (a little dramatic but is is possible) it is still amazing they did this even though it is the first game of the season. Of course if they hadn’t they would have lost in the court of public opinion but that would have blown over in time. I really hope they don’t pay the ultimate price for this because this behavior should be encouraged.