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Boy Wakes Up From Four Week Coma And First Thing He Does When He Wakes Up Is Ask If Juventus Is Still In The UCL

From Bleacher Report:

A 14-year-old boy has survived an extraordinary ordeal, which saw him spend more than 40 minutes trapped underwater and a month in an induced coma—and top of his priority list upon waking was to find out if Juventus were still in the Champions League.

Italy’s Milan Chronicle (via Victoria Richards of the Independent) reports that he and five friends jumped off a bridge into a canal near Milan. Stuck in the canal, his heart stopped. Remarkably, he showed no signs of brain damage and not only woke up but wanted to know what was happening in football.

“After four weeks in hospital in San Raffaele, he is said to have woken, spoken to his parents and asked whether his favourite football team, Juventus, was still in the Champions League.”

Now this kid is a true soccer fan. An entire month in a coma and he could care less about anything else except the status of his favorite soccer team. You know what? This kid’s devotion has inspired me. I was on the fence on who to root for this Saturday. I don’t want Barcelona because I despise Suarez but I also have no affinity for Juventus. Until I read about this kid I was just going to root for a “good game” but screw that I’m a Juventus fan this Saturday. Both for this kid and the more I think about it the more I think I like Carlos Tevez.


Andrea Pirlo Scores In The 93rd Minute To Give Juventus The Win

Juventus was playing down a man against local rival Torino when Andrea Pirlo struck this beautiful goal in the 93rd minute to break the 1-1 tie and win the game. The ageless wonder does it again. I feel like I’ll be watching soccer twenty years from now and Andrea Pirlo will still be playing. It seems like the only way that will get him to leave the pitch and end his career would be death.

Why Yesterday’s World XI Was Nonsense

Not one of you reading can look be dead in the face and say, “That was an expertly selected world XI and every player on that team deserved to be there.” You couldn’t look at me and say half the team deserved to be there.  Don’t get me wrong, La Liga has fantastic players and some fantastic teams. But, how is it possible that every player on the world’s best team is from one league when there are four other (Ligue 1, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A) major soccer leagues?

Here is my World Xi,

Gk Neuer

Rb Alves               RCB Ramos         LCB Kompany    LB Lahm

RM Iniesta          CM Pirlo               LM Xavi

RF Ronaldo                         CF Van Persie                    LF Messi

GK And Defenders

Casillas is an excellent goalkeeper but Neuer is better. He has been a stone wall for Bayern Munich and is arguably the best GK in the world right now. His was a huge snub from the World XI. I agree with the Alves and Ramos selections. Gerard Pique missed half the year, has not been a mainstay in the first XI for Barcelona and has yet to prove himself as one of the best in the world. How did he make this team? Vincent Kompany anchored a team known for their offensive prowess. He has been a mainstay in a city team in which players move in and out of spots every single game. He was voted the Premier League’s POTY but was still left off this team. Lastly, Marcelo is an excellent attacking left back but he is also a dirty, rash challenging defensive left back. When you think of the World XI defenders you think of well rounded, multi-faceted players. That is why Philip Lahm deserved the nod. Nothing bad can be said about Lahm’s work rate and talent both going forward and defending the left flank.


Iniesta and Xavi were the obviously selections here. The central spot had many big names that could have snagged the award. Ozil, Xabi Alonso, and Gotze were all viable options but none had the type of year Andrea Pirlo did. This man is ageless, with a silky smooth craftiness to his game that is absolutely incredible to watch. He led a Juventus side to an undefeated Serie A thrashing and captains an underwhelming Italian side to a Euro final that without him, they would not have been in. For me, Pirlo and his man beard, had to be in this team.


Once again, nothing can be said about the Ronaldo and Messi selections. These are two of the best the world has ever seen and anyone would be a fool not to select them in their best eleven. The last forward was open for selection though. Falcoa has been in phenomenal form and enjoyed an incredible 2012. Drogba single-handedly won the Champions League for Chelsea. But, none compare to what Robin Van Perise was able to do over the past year. He led the Premier League is goals last season, while carrying Arsenal to a top four finish.  After that, he took an enormous risk and moved to Manchester United where he picked right up where he left off and is on pace for another Golden Boot and this time,  a Premier League title. That kind of success after that kind of change deserves to be rewarded and he was a massive, massive snub on this team.

All in all, La Liga can’t comprise the entire World XI. No league in the world should ever do that. To be honest, with how corrupt FIFA is, I’m surprised Neymar didn’t find his way into the team. That’s it for me though, hopefully they can find a way to get it right next year.