Young Kids Recreate Famous Soccer Photographs #BadBoysFC

From George Logan:

This was a personal project with photographer George Logan.

A series of lighthearted photos that recreate infamous footballing
moments, with kids. We wanted to ask whether a game that has
increasingly courted controversy over the years, with ever growing
salaries and celebrity lifestyles, is still creating the right role
models for Britain’s youth to copy.

What an idea! This guy has been getting a lot of press for these photographs and he deserves it. He took these pictures to convey a certain message and I could care less what that message is. I just find it hilarious seeing young kids recreating these pictures. The top picture is definitely the Mario Balotelli recreation. The real picture was ridiculous when it happened and it makes sense seeing a child recreate it. At least if a child had done it he could have been excused for his childish behavior. Mario Balotelli is just a child who never grew up.

h/t 8 by 8


Mario Balotelli Non-Chalantly Rides Through Mall On His Segway

This video is making me crack-up. On the surface it’s not that funny. If anyone else was doing this it would barely even register. This isn’t anyone else though. This is Super Mario. Everything he does is whacky even if he doesn’t fully intend it to be. Now because of bereavement leave he has providing us entertaining videos like this while Ings and Origi prove their worth. From the looks of it he won’t be around for much longer. Part of me hopes he gets another chance though because the city of Liverpool won’t be the same without him.

AC Milan Ruin Another Reputation: Inzaghi Fired

The Milan clubs have been in trouble for years but it just continues to get worse. After a lack luster 10th place finish in the league, rumors of Inzaghi’s started instantly. If you look at Milan, the problems stem from a much deeper problem than who the head coach is. Seedorf and Inzaghi out. Siniša Mihajlović already lined up and spoken about publicly weeks before Inzaghi was fired? We’ll see what this switch brings but president, Silvio Berlusconi, has not been making fruitful decisions over the past few years.


Boy Wakes Up From Four Week Coma And First Thing He Does When He Wakes Up Is Ask If Juventus Is Still In The UCL

From Bleacher Report:

A 14-year-old boy has survived an extraordinary ordeal, which saw him spend more than 40 minutes trapped underwater and a month in an induced coma—and top of his priority list upon waking was to find out if Juventus were still in the Champions League.

Italy’s Milan Chronicle (via Victoria Richards of the Independent) reports that he and five friends jumped off a bridge into a canal near Milan. Stuck in the canal, his heart stopped. Remarkably, he showed no signs of brain damage and not only woke up but wanted to know what was happening in football.

“After four weeks in hospital in San Raffaele, he is said to have woken, spoken to his parents and asked whether his favourite football team, Juventus, was still in the Champions League.”

Now this kid is a true soccer fan. An entire month in a coma and he could care less about anything else except the status of his favorite soccer team. You know what? This kid’s devotion has inspired me. I was on the fence on who to root for this Saturday. I don’t want Barcelona because I despise Suarez but I also have no affinity for Juventus. Until I read about this kid I was just going to root for a “good game” but screw that I’m a Juventus fan this Saturday. Both for this kid and the more I think about it the more I think I like Carlos Tevez.

Carpi FC Achieve Four Promotions In Six Seasons, Earn Promotion To Serie A

From Pro Soccer Talk:

Carpi FC sealed promotion to Serie A for the first time in club history, their fourth promotion in six seasons, after a 0-0 draw with Bari on Tuesday night which secured at least a second place finish in Serie B.

The Biancorossi needs just two more points from its final four games to win the title as their remarkable rise continues. Their Stadio Sandro Cabassi home holds just over 4,000 fans and they won promotion from Serie D, a semi-pro league, just five years ago.

Remarkably, they have achieved four promotions in six seasons with largely the same group of players and they will now welcome the likes of Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Roma and Lazio to the town of just 67,000 people in the province of Modena.

The providence of Modena has 67,000 people. San Siro Stadium (AC Milan’s stadium) holds 80,018 fans. When sold out San Siro has more fans in it then the entire province which Carpi FC hails from. If that doesn’t blow your mind then I don’t know what will. It is these types of stories that illustrate the beauty of the promotion/relegation system. There is always the hope that a small town team can make it to the big time. Although the odds are small, teams like AFC Bournemouth and Carpi FC help even the lowest teams believe that one day they can change their fortunes. On the other hand I play on a lower division team in the United States and that hope doesn’t exist for teams like mine. That hope doesn’t even exist for a USL Pro or NASL team (unless they bid to become an MLS franchise). It is pretty disappointing when you think about it.

Liverpool Fans Hold Back Mario Balotelli To Prevent Him From Getting A Red Card

It’s safe to say that by this point in the season it’s clear that the Balotelli experiment has failed. Many could say they saw this coming and it’s easy to see why. His style of play never looked like it would be compatible with Brendan Rodgers’ style of play and the dissenters were proven right. Balotelli is still a great player and he can be a real asset to the right team but Liverpool is not the team that he will succeed on.

The above gif perfectly summarizes the volatility of a player like Balotelli. Although he is capable of moments of brilliance he is also equally as capable of moments of sheer stupidity. When he is not playing well and he gets frustrated, the risk of him doing something stupid rises exponentially which is what we saw happen during the Liverpool-Manchester United game. Thankfully, the Liverpool fans were aware of the risk and took the unusual, but brilliant, step of holding back Balotelli. If he had gotten a red and Liverpool had to play down two men then the day could have gotten even more embarrassing for the Reds.

Jeremy Menez Puts Some Incredible English On This “Goal”

Usually we wouldn’t post a goal that got called offsides but this is just too good not to post. The skills he shows to blow past the goalkeeper are great but the coup de grace is the english he puts on the ball to score that goal from such a difficult angle. It defies physics.

This piece of skills is not surprising considering this goal he scored last year against Parma.