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Compilation Friday- All Of Tim Howard’s 16 Saves Against Belgium

In honor of him winning the USMNT Athlete of the Year.


Suit Up For Sunday With Tim Howard & Darren McFadden

Premier League star Tim Howard and the NFL’s Darren McFadden prove that no matter what sport you play, training right is the foundation of success.

I like the juxtaposition of two different “football” players training for their games. A lot of American sports fans do not respect soccer so they tend to assume soccer players don’t work that hard in the gym. However, lifting is an essential part of soccer training and even though it is a different type of lifting compared to American football players gym training, it is still just as strenuous.

P.S. The picture below proves how well Tim Howard’s training has paid off…

Obama Calls Tim Howard And Clint Dempsey To Congratulate Them

Sorry we were so late on this. I saw the video but didn’t have time to post it. The video is a little contrived obviously because it is good PR for both US soccer and the President. Nevertheless, after the effort these two put in during this World Cup it is great to see them getting the accolades they deserve. A World Cup is a very special moment in a soccer player’s life but being able to talk to your country’s President is also an incredibly honor that most people never get to experience.