Landon “Don Ovan” Comes Out Of Retirement To Play Pickup Soccer Game

I wish they had come up with the “Don Ovan” nickname before his career was over because I’m sure the fans would have a had a lot of fun with that. Either way I’m glad to see his name still has the staying power to be used as an advertising spokesman.

Also “Hat Trick Rick” is a fantastic nickname. After hearing that nickname I am starting to wish my name was Rick so I could use that as my nickname.

Major League Soccer Will Release A Six-Part Mini-Documentary Series This Week Entitled, Landon Donovan: LegenD


In association with Copper Pot Pictures, Major League Soccer will release a six-part mini-documentary series this week entitled, Landon Donovan: LegenD. Each episode highlights a theme from Landon Donovan’s unparalleled career, with one premiering each day ahead of his final regular season home game (LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders FC, Sunday, Oct. 19 at 8:15 p.m. ET on ESPN2).

You can’t fault MLS for wanting to milk every last bit of nostalgia over Landon Donovan while they still have the chance. He was a great player who has meant a lot for not only MLS but also US soccer as a whole. I for one cannot get enough of these Landon Donovan tributes and I will make sure to tune in for every episode of the 6 part series.

Landon Donovan’s Farewell Material From Around the Internet

US Soccer’s Tribute To Landon Donovan

Unreleased “This Is Sportscenter” Commercial

Soccerly Combines All Of Landon’s National Team Jerseys

Tim Howards #TBT To Landon Donovan

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LD By The Numbers

Landon Donovan | Hand Crafted in LA

What a career! He deserved to finish it with a World Cup appearance but despite that he has gone out on top as the league’s all-time scorer and assist leader. Here’s to hoping him a rich career in soccer after he hangs up his cleats for the last time

Landon Donovan To Announce Retirement (According To ESPN FC)


PORTLAND, Ore. — U.S. Soccer icon Landon Donovan will retire from the sport at the end of the current MLS season, multiple sources, including ESPN’s Taylor Twellman, confirmed to ESPN FC on Thursday.

I am speechless. Such a great American talent is about to be taken away from us. Personally I think he has a few more quality years left in the tank but after his “sabbatical” last year it isn’t surprising that he is choosing to hang up his cleats so soon. The desire and hard-work he used to possess seems to have dissipated, almost as if he lost his love for the game. It was probably this quality that Jurgen Klinsmann saw that led to him cutting Donovan from the USMNT. Whatever the reasons for his retirement, we should all thank Landon Donovan for what he has given to American soccer. He has been a true trailblazer for this sport in America and it is no doubt he will continue to promote the sport as he continues his career off the pitch.

Landon Donovan Playing FIFA While His Teammates Are At The World Cup

Landon Donovan again shows he’s willing to laugh at himself and it is an admirable trait. The fact that he parlayed not making the World Cup team to starring in two advertisements and getting a broadcast gig shows how resilient he is. Although I still agree with Klinsmann, I will never hate on Landon Donovan. He’s done so much for US soccer and he’s not done yet.

Video- What Will Landon Donovan Do While He’s Not At The World Cup?

This is a hilarious video from the LA Galaxy. It also makes me like Landon Donovan even more. I have not made sports teams in my past as a amateur athlete and it is heart-breaking. For Landon Donovan to be able to make fun of himself at a time when he is being reminded of his “failure” at every turn takes a lot of guts. We were truly blessed to have him play for the USMNT and I know that despite his disappointment he is still rooting his hardest for the USMNT. You have to admire that no matter whether or not you think he deserved to make the team.