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New US Soccer Away Kit

Nike officially unveiled the new US Soccer Away Kit today.  Both the Men’s and Women’s team will have the privilege of competing in them.  The Women’s team will debut the kit in the Algarve Cup in the beginning of March and the Men’s team will wear the kit against Denmark on March 25th.

Naturally, Nike got the likes of Dempsey and Alex Morgan to model the jersey for the release photos.  Check out some of the photos and let us know what you think.


Dempsey Back
Alex Morgan


Away Kit



Degree Men DO:MORE in 30 Sec with Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey scored the fifth fastest goal in Tournament history in 30 sec in Brazil this summer. Now he’s challenging some of his biggest fans to see how many questions they can ask in 30 sec. Who has what it takes to DO:MORE in 30?

I feel like I would have won this contest easily. These would have been my questions:

1. What is your favorite soccer move/trick?

2. What goal that you scored during your career was the most memorable?

3. Was Gareth Bale pretentious when you played with him?

4.What was your favorite away stadium that you played at during your career?

5.Who was your favorite rapper?

6. Who was your favorite soccer player growing up?

7. What is your favorite team to play with in FIFA?

8. Best player to room with during USMNT camp?

9. What other sports did you play growing up?

10. What was your favorite USMNT jersey?

11. What USMNT veteran did you most look up to?

12. What was your favorite moment in a Sounder’s uniform?

13. What was your favorite moment in a USMNT uniform?

14. *Bonus* Chocolate or Vanilla?

The above questions, coupled with the fact that the easy questions these four fans asked in this video I would have also asked, makes it clear to see that I would have won had I been given the chance. Degree I am awaiting my prize.


Clint Dempsey Asks People On The Streets Of NYC About Clint Dempsey

This has been done before with other American athletes and personally I thought this was a little lame. No one he approached did anything noteworthy. Even the hispanic guy, who made the mistake of naming Landon Donovan the captain, was pretty close because Landon Donovan was the captain until he had his falling out with Jurgen Klinsmann. Overall this video was average but Clint Dempsey is the man so any video he does I will watch and enjoy. Four more years! Four more years!

Dempsey Shoves Omar Gonzalez, Proves They Are No Longer Teammates But Competitors

This happened last night in the Seattle Sounders/LA Galaxy game after Omar Gonzalez fouled Clint Dempsey’s Sounder’s teammate, Deandre Yedlin, and Clint Dempsey took exception to it. The most surprising part is that all three of the players involved in the fracas are teammates on the USMNT. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt their relationship with each other when they put on the Red, White, and Blue but since they are professionals they probably are much better at compartmentalizing these things. Full video HERE

h/t SB Nation

USMNT Accepts Award At ESPY’s for “Best Moment”

Let’s get this straight, the ESPY’s is just ESPN’s award show designed for their own self-gratification. Despite this fact, the show does provide some good moments, one of which was Stuart Scott’s speech last night. It is important to note that the USMNT winning this award shows that the USMNT is gradually gaining traction in our popular culture. A lot of these guys, especially Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard, have become household names and hopefully this is a sign of things to come. If US soccer players can become household names then more and more kids will begin to idolize them, and the more kids who grow up idolizing soccer players, then the more kids that will become soccer players.

Obama Calls Tim Howard And Clint Dempsey To Congratulate Them

Sorry we were so late on this. I saw the video but didn’t have time to post it. The video is a little contrived obviously because it is good PR for both US soccer and the President. Nevertheless, after the effort these two put in during this World Cup it is great to see them getting the accolades they deserve. A World Cup is a very special moment in a soccer player’s life but being able to talk to your country’s President is also an incredibly honor that most people never get to experience.

Clint Dempsey The American Hero Is Also Clint Dempsey The Rapper

Nike Soccer sponsored this video of Clint Dempsey teaming up with Atlanta rappers Big Hawk and XO for a song called “Don’t Tread.” For those of you who don’t know, Clint Dempsey likes to rap on his free time. Although I can’t say I’m a big fan of his raps, I support whatever he does on his free time that helps him perform as well as he does on the field. Below is his interview on Setanta where he extrapolates on his rapping hobby.

P.S. I had planned ahead of time to post this and then Clint Dempsey dropped a single from his upcoming album which will released after the World Cup. He made it along with his rapper friend XO who is in the above song from several years ago. Clint if you keep scoring goals and lead the US deep into the World Cup then I promise to buy your album.