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Ashley Cole Set to Join LA Galaxy

The often maligned left-back has had a stellar career on the field and will join fellow Brit, Steven Gerard, at the LA Galaxy, The Sun reports. He was released from AS Roma over a less-than-stellar campaign and is looking to move to the US. Aston Villa is also in the running.


So I pose the question, do the LA Galaxy really need another 35-year-old player added to its roster? Cole would join Keane and Gerard as the elders in the team and does LA really want to deal with Cole’s antics? Since his divorce, he has continued to put himself in awful situations and I wonder if Bruce Arena is ready to deal with that. I’m not the boss though, so we’ll see how this turns out.


Please Watch Omar Gonzalez’s Unveiling for Pachuca

Starwars has taken over the box-office and it seems the footballing world has taken notice. Check out the video below of Omar Gonzalez’s unveiling. The former LA Galaxy defender signed with Pachuca FC today and it seems like Darth Vader wanted to join in the fun!


Robbie Keane With A World Class First Touch

For those who’ve read my blogs before it should be pretty apparent that I’m a huge Robbie Keane fan. He’s been one of my favorite players for awhile now and I was so excited when he first decided to come to the LA Galaxy (I was even more pumped when he came to Liverpool but alas that did not work out as well as I had hoped). I think he is one of the best talents in MLS and I felt like his arrival several years ago was not as heralded as it should have been. His talent is immeasurable and without him LA Galaxy would have a lot less stars on their jerseys. As a fan you can’t watch this clip and not be astounded. I truly hope he never ever retires. With Steven Gerrard there now to provide him service I don’t think he will retire anytime soon.

From Liverpool to Los Angeles | EPISODE 1: THE SIGNING

GalaxyTV takes you behind the scenes of Steven Gerrard’s journey from longtime Liverpool captain to LA Galaxy star. Footage courtesy of Liverpool F.C. and FOX.

As you may have not realized in my previous posts I am a huge fan of Steven Gerrard. He is absolute class and a soccer LEGEND who deserves all of his accolades. He started to regress in his last season at Liverpool but his accomplishments can not be forgotten. He will absolutely dominate MLS. I don’t mean be too detrimental of MLS since the league does have a lot of talented soccer players. However, it is notably a step below the English Premier League and Steven Gerrard could still have competed in the English Premier League for a few more years in a lesser role so he should be one of the best MLS players as soon as he plays his first game. With his addition I would pencil in the LA Galaxy for the 2015 MLS Cup no question.

Petke Fired and the MLS Finally Releases its 2015 Schedule

The Red Bulls got rid of Mike Petke today. You think you’ve done well after everyone wrote you off. You think you finally bring a trophy to the Red Bulls and they’ll keep you. Not so in a world of “big name” desires.

Adios. I wonder what is next for the MLS legend.
Adios. I wonder what is next for the MLS legend.
Legend in the making? Red Bulls have a lot of work to do if they want to compete with NYCFC, LA Galaxy and the rest of the MLS.

Mike Petke was a name well-known in the league, but only as a player, not the big name coach NYRB were after. So, after arguably the best season in Red Bulls’ history, he is out and ex-Montreal boss, Jesse Marsch steps in. Big name with big experience but a tough task ahead for him. Red Bulls lose its biggest name and hope to fill it with another world-class type star. Time will tell who that star is. Still baffled by this move.


And finally, new logo, new coaches and the 2015 MLS Schedule. Check it out here: 2015 MLS Schedule Of course there are an outrageous amount of great rivalry games to catch this coming year but more importantly, the only date that really matters is Sunday, August 23rd. LA Galaxy host a new and improved NYCFC team. This beckons to be a lovely battle of English midfielders since Mr. Gerrard and Mr. Lampard will both be in the mix after finishing their Premier League seasons. Who knows, maybe even Mix Diskerud could be in the mix: Diskerud to NYCFC No matter how you look it, as the long as the MLS season starts on time (which could be in question if things fall through with the CBA negotiations) it will be a fun year for us all.


“Captain God” is MLS and LA Galaxy Bound

You figure a legend like Steven Gerrard would only come to USA if he was headed to one of the big markets in the MLS. Both LA Galaxy and the NY Redbulls have recently freed up a Designated Player spot. NY Redbulls are an interesting one just because Frank Lampard is supposed to come back to NYCFC (we’ll see when) and join David Villa in starting a rivalry with NYRB. Something in my brain is blinking saying, “Why wouldn’t one midfield legend want to compete with another in such close proximity that a simple half hour drive or train ride could have them grabbing a cup of tea together in a downtown cafe?” LA Galaxy have the “Donovan” spot available. This one that needs to be completed with someone of equal or greater soccer cultural relevance. This could be easily filled with the services of the Red’s legend. And so we continue, Orlando City still has a DP spot that could (should…cough….definitely be) be used for him. But we all know that will not happen. As big as the opportunity for a Floridian soccer market stranglehold that Orland City has, I don’t see it overtaking the lures of New York or Los Angeles. But, Steven Gerrard is a different type of player with loyalty and commitment not often seen during the past generation and one that will continue to dissolve into obscurity. According to this report from the MLS: Galaxy to Sign Gerrard, Gerrard is already on his way to LA. It will be strange to watch him in anything but a Liverpool kit but I am looking forward to him in the MLS, with whichever club finally captures his signature.
Liverpool v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League

Inside The LA Galaxy Locker Room After Winning The MLS Cup

There is nothing better than drinking out of a trophy. It is a time honored tradition started by NHL teams but it works for every sport. Nothing says champion like drinking out of an expensive cup. Which makes me question whether commissioners try to stop it. Alcohol can probably ruin the silver so do they have to get the trophy touched up after every championship drinking binge or do the insides of these cups get worse every year? These are questions I will never get answered unless I manage to win the MLS Cup and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.