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Messi: 401 Goals Worth a Watch

Hopefully you all are not lost under a rock and blinded from the majesty of Lionel Messi. If you have been, unearth yourself to this video below. All 400 of Messi’s goals for Barcelona are contained in 30 minutes of joy. Can he score 400 more before the end of his career?


Suarez Says he “had to nutmeg” David Luiz

There is something to be said about incredible footballers. Vision, pace, savviness, lethal instincts; all qualities necessary to be a successful forward. Suarez showed all of these in Wednesday’s Champions League tie with PSG. I quote, “A striker is always looking for goals and the two moves came off for me. I had to nutmeg Luiz twice because there was nothing else I could do.”  Check exhibit A and B below:

Suarez’s absurd nutmegs makes me wonder if David Luiz was paid to stand there sulking like his lollipop was just stolen by the family dog. Either way, Luis Suarez’s brace puts Barcelona in an ideal spot heading into the return leg at Camp Nou.

Cristiano Ronaldo Even Sings And Dances Better Than You

Cristiano Ronaldo has faced a lot of unfair criticism for enjoying his 30th birthday party after Real Madrid’s devastating loss to Atletico Madrid in the pas week. However, it is all overblown. This guy has proven time and time again that he is a consummate professional but he is also still human. I’ve lost some big games in my life and the worst thing you can do yourself is force yourself to be depressed about it. Sure after the game you should be sad but at the end of the day it is only one game. You need to be able to pick yourself up off the floor and look forward to the next one. Real Madrid will have plenty of chances to fix what went wrong at Atletico Madrid but Cristiano only has one thirtieth birthday and he should be allowed to enjoy it.

That being said look at those moves. It’s not fair that he gets blessed with amazing soccer talents and the moves of a young Michael Jackson. Irina Shayk was crazy to lose him. Now he can use his moves to get any girl he wants in the world. Some guys get all the luck. Ronaldo makes millions of dollars, wins every award, and gets down at the club while I stand by the wall and order $3 Bud Lights while doing the “robot.”

Qatar Airways & FC Barcelona – The FCB Holiday

A tiki-taka journey of snapshot moments that visits some of the 140 destinations we now fly to; from Wild West soccer-style shoot-outs in Dallas to kicks, flicks and tricks in Seoul. From sun, sea and skills in the Maldives to a game of mime soccer on the streets of Paris – we see the FC Barcelona players soak up the local culture and bring smiles to Blaugrana fans at every stop.

I love these Qatar Airways commercials. They are so creative and have so much star-power packed in to them that it is hard not to be enraptured by them. Although I have no intention of flying Qatar Airways I do know their name so their brand recognition must be off the charts. Nonetheless, this most recent commercial won’t beat their classic “A team that unites the world” commercial which is copied below. That commercial is absolute perfection.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Owned By Atletico Madrid Ball Boy

As if things couldn’t have gotten worse for Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid after their 4-0 thrashing by Atletico Madrid this video has emerged of the ball boy throwing the ball away from Ronaldo as he goes to retrieve it. All I can say, is this ball boy is ruthless. He stares the best soccer player in the world (allegedly) and tosses the ball in the other direction. It takes a lot of cajones to do that.

Is this a classless move? You bet it is. But damn do you have to respect it. There is no better video to sum up the humiliation Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid suffered then this clip right here. Cristiano Ronaldo should look on the bright side though. At least he didn’t kick him.

Lionel Messi Shows Off His Insane Touch on Japanese TV Program

Lionel Messi kicks the ball 60 feet into the air and then continues juggling to prove he is superhuman. This video also proves how incredibly weird Japanese game shows are. It just goes to show you there are two constants in this world: Messi is an alien and Japanese gameshows are the weirdest shows on television.