Borussia Dortmund Fans Protest Ticket Prices By Throwing Tennis Balls

Although I’ll be first to throw my support behind the Dortmund fans and Liverpool fans (along with several other team’s supporters) for standing up against rising ticket prices, a part of me is jealous. I’m jealous that they grew up in a world where affordable ticket prices was ever a reality.

In America, affordable ticket prices have long since been replaced by expensive tickets more suited to business outings than fan enjoyment. That’s not saying there aren’t cheaper seats to be had at certain stadiums for certain games (as I’m sure there still are at Westfalenstadion and Anfield). However, the lion’s share of tickets for sporting events, especially in the dense Northeast, are expensive and over-priced. The supply and demand allows teams to consistently do this . In fact, each new stadium that is built in America sacrifices the regular fan’s enjoyment in order to benefit the wealthy private business owners who can shell out large amounts of money for seats they will rarely use and can conveniently put onto their company credit card as a business expense. The regular fan. The ACTUAL fan. Is not as valued as the wealthy businessman even though the regular fan is the rock on which a team is built. Without the regular fan the team loses it’s soul and without a soul the team’s become just another business meeting outlet, like a restaurant or strip club.

Therefore, I agree with these fans and I support their plight. I wish that American sports fans had been passionate enough to have fought against the rising tide of ticket prices. Instead we got swept away and now we are left soaking wet and our wallets bone dry. So kudos to you Liverpool fans, Dortmund fans, and all other fans fighting against the rising ticket prices. I hope for your sake your efforts make a difference.


BONUS. Liverpool fan explaining their walk-out in the 77th minute to protest rising ticket prices.

Klopp Will Leave Dortmund at Season’s End

We all love Dortmund. Even those that claim to hate the Borrusia side have a soft spot for Klopp’s men because they play an exciting brand of football and have arguably the best fan base in all of sports. Klopp has been the spearhead of the club’s meteoric rise and continued success in the club’s domestic and continental campaigns. Jurgen Klopp is somewhat of a polarizing figure. He is adored by and players of the club but is well known for his rants and tirades at officials and opposing coaches. Dortmund is well-known as somewhat of a “feeder system” for German giants, Bayern Munich, and I think losing almost every world class player has taken a toll on Klopp. He says, “I always said in that moment where I believe I am not the perfect coach anymore for this extraordinary club I will say so. I really think the decision is the right one. This club deserves to be coached from the 100% right manager.”


This begs the questions, where will Klopp end up? Manchester City seems like the logical choice. Klopp has been rumored a Premier League manager for years now and with City’s lack of success this season, Manuel Pellegrini finds himself on the managerial hot seat. Could Klopp be successful at City, in what seems to be the exact opposite type of club that Dortmund is? I’m sad to see him go and I am not sure if there is another manger better suited for the Dortmund job. Only time will tell but it is safe to say that Klopp will find himself in the Premier League next year.

Neuer’s World-Class Save To Deny Reus’ Brilliant Free Kick

This is the Manuel Neuer we all know – not many goalkeepers would have kept out Marco Reus’ free kick in “Der Klassiker”. The World Champion didn’t just stop it, but he also managed to gather the ball before the charging Dortmund players could get there first. A truly world-class stop.

A lot is said about how great Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are but not enough is said about the brilliance of Manuel Neuer. He has singlehandedly transformed the position. Along with his exceptional ability to play as a sweeper keeper he also is a fantastic keeper in the traditional sense. This save is second to none. The arm strength it takes to stop that shot is one of a kind. Marco Reus must have been so pissed. Any other keeper would probably not have been able to save that shot but Neuer isn’t just any keeper. Seriously, this guy deserves at least one Ballon d’Or in his career

Borussia Dortmund Players Talk To Their Fans After Yet Another Home Loss


Team GP W D L GF GA GD Home Away PTS
Bayern Munich 19 14 4 1 43 9 34 9-1-0 5-3-1 46
VfL Wolfsburg 19 11 5 3 38 19 19 8-2-0 3-3-3 38
Mönchen 19 9 6 4 27 16 11 6-3-1 3-3-3 33
FC Augsburg 19 11 0 8 26 22 4 7-0-2 4-0-6 33
Bayer Leverkusen 19 8 8 3 29 20 9 4-6-0 4-2-3 32
FC Schalke 04 19 9 4 6 30 22 8 6-3-1 3-1-5 31
1899 Hoffenheim 19 7 5 7 31 30 1 5-2-3 2-3-4 26
Hannover 96 19 7 4 8 22 28 -6 5-1-3 2-3-5 25
Eintracht Frankfurt 19 6 6 7 36 39 -3 4-3-3 2-3-4 24
1. FC Köln 19 6 5 8 19 23 -4 1-4-4 5-1-4 23
Werder Bremen 19 6 5 8 30 40 -10 4-3-2 2-2-6 23
FSV Mainz 05 19 4 10 5 25 24 1 3-4-2 1-6-3 22
Hamburger SV 19 5 5 9 12 21 -9 3-2-4 2-3-5 20
SC Paderborn 19 4 7 8 21 34 -13 3-4-3 1-3-5 19
SC Freiburg 19 3 9 7 21 27 -6 2-5-2 1-4-5 18
VfB Stuttgart 19 4 6 9 20 33 -13 1-2-6 3-4-3 18
Hertha BSC Berlin 19 5 3 11 24 38 -14 4-1-5 1-2-6 18
Borussia Dortmund 19 4 4 11 18 27 -9 3-2-4 1-2-7 16

From The Guardian:

What is going on with Borussia Dortmund? After a certain point injuries and bad luck can only explain so much. You have to give the players credit here for being able to see where the fans are coming from but if they understand their fans’ frustration then why can’t they fix it? StatsBomb did a great analysis of how Borussia Dortmund’s stats are the type of stats that would put them in the top half of the league yet they are at the very bottom. Based upon their stats it seems like Borussia Dortmund is facing the perfect storm of bad luck, poor finishing, and debilitating injuries (which included two of their best players, Marco Reus and Mats Hummels). Couple that with the loss of key players such as Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski  over the past few seasons and it explains a lot of their struggles. But last place? This team has too much talent and too great of a coach to be in last place. It’s almost as though the players themselves have lost faith that they can turn their season around. Last place is unacceptable for a team that has been flying so high these past few seasons. Their recent downturn reminds me of the story of Icarus. They flew too close to the sun, lost their wax wings (Lewandowski and Gotze) which they thought they could replace, and plummeted to the sea. If they get relegated there will be a mass exodus of players from this club and there is no guarantee that they can return to the team they used to be. Dortmund is running out of time to right their ship. Fourth place is out of reach but they need to get out of the relegation zone and get to the summer so they can regroup. Remember, this was a team on the brink of bankruptcy in 2005. They don’t want to face the large financial losses that come with playing in the second division of the Bundesliga.

Borussia Dortmund Stop Play While Opposing Player Puts His Shoe Back On

What a great gesture: Dortmund may find themselves in a very precarious situation at the moment, but that doesn’t stop them from playing fair. When Hertha Berlin’s Per Ciljan Skjelbred was having problems with his boot, Borussia’s players were decent enough to wait for him to give the signal that he was good to go again. They get the thumbs up from us too. Bravo Dortmund.

Why do bad things happen to good people!? But seriously what a great gesture by Borussia Dortmund made even better by the fact they are currently in the relegation zone. They could have had the mindset that they need all the points they can get, however they can get them. Instead, they did the honorable thing and held up play so the opposing team wouldn’t be at unfair advantage. Hopefully, this good karma they built up helps them right the ship before their season ends with them being relegated.

Hershey Teen Christian Pulisic Heading For German Soccer Club Borussia Dortmund


Pulisic will begin his transition from promising American-born player packing a highly combustible assortment of God-given ability, built-in soccer instincts and blue-collar work rate to European-based professional scraping and scrapping for playing time with other remarkably gifted midfielders and forwards at globally prominent German club Borussia Dortmund.

With a long-term contract in play (five years) and a European passport in his already-ragged travel bag once the paperwork is finalized — his grandfather, Mate Pulisic, is a Croatian native who eventually emigrated to the United States so Christian is attempting to obtain a Croatian passport — the youthful Pulisic will begin crafting yet another crisp diagonal run or sliding a through ball behind a defense or corkscrewing an unsuspecting defender into the ground.

The article quoted above is one of the better articles about the process and sacrifices it takes for a player to move abroad to continue working towards his dream of being a professional soccer player and playing on the USMNT. From the sounds of it Christian Pulisic could be one of the next best USMNT players if his development continues and it is great to know that is where he has set his lofty career goals. There is a growing trend of American soccer players going to academies abroad and it can only mean good things to the future of the USMT. It is especially positive that Christian is going to Borussia Dortmund because his development will be accelerated by being there rather than a smaller club such as a Sunderland or Hull City. It only helps that David Wanger, an former US international, is a coach of Borussia Dortmund II and Joe Gyau, a hot USMNT prospect, has played a few games with Borussia Dortmund’s first team after coming progressing from their reserve team (Borussia Dortmund II). If this move works out then people will be looking back at his transfer to Borussia Dortmund as the beginning of something special.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Puts On Spiderman Mask During Goal Celebration

This is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s goal celebration after he scored in todays German Super Cup which Borussia Dortmund won 2-0 over Bayern Munich. I wonder how many games he would have carried that mask around with him if he had not scored today..