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Beats by Dre: Bastian Schweinsteiger

This is insane. He literally just completed his transfer and they already have a professionally produced commercial honoring it. Crazy how quickly they can turn this stuff around. And oh yeah Manchester United just became favorites to win the league in this past week with their transfers. Now they just got to find a way to hold onto De Gea.


Pep Guardiola Shows Off His Basketball Skills On The Sidelines

This is from Bayern Munich’s German Cup away match at Bayer Leverkusen. Pep Guardiola showing some real swag with the way he dribbles the basketball. I’m starting to suspect he may actually be pretty good at basketball. It has to be one of his hidden passions because he dribbles that ball like a point guard accustomed to bringing the ball up the court. If anyone has anymore footage of Pep Guardiola playing basketball let me know. I have to find out whether he is actually good or not.

Neuer’s World-Class Save To Deny Reus’ Brilliant Free Kick

This is the Manuel Neuer we all know – not many goalkeepers would have kept out Marco Reus’ free kick in “Der Klassiker”. The World Champion didn’t just stop it, but he also managed to gather the ball before the charging Dortmund players could get there first. A truly world-class stop.

A lot is said about how great Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are but not enough is said about the brilliance of Manuel Neuer. He has singlehandedly transformed the position. Along with his exceptional ability to play as a sweeper keeper he also is a fantastic keeper in the traditional sense. This save is second to none. The arm strength it takes to stop that shot is one of a kind. Marco Reus must have been so pissed. Any other keeper would probably not have been able to save that shot but Neuer isn’t just any keeper. Seriously, this guy deserves at least one Ballon d’Or in his career

FC Bayern Play “Bucket” Ball During Training. Wow What Amazing Footskills!

This looks like a lot of fun. Who knew top clubs like Bayern Munich had fun at their practices too? It is amazing to watch their excellent ball skills, they make it look so easy. I know if I tried this at practice with my teammates it would be nowhere near as effortless.

Bayern Munich Fans Rent Skyscraper Apartment To See UCL Game

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.13.36 PM

Above is a tweet from Tobi Schweinsteiger, older brother of Bastian Schweinsteiger and reserve team player (Tobi’s tweet means “Where there’s a will there’s a way” in German.). He and several other fans rented an apartment in a skyscraper overlooking the CSKA Moscow stadium since they could not get tickets to the game. The game was played in an empty stadium due to a ban handed down for racism from CSKA Moscow fans which meant the game was forced to be played behind “closed doors.” These Bayern Munich fans knew that they could still see from the roof so they rented this apartment in order to watch the game. Bayern Munich was so impressed by this that they will be reimbursing these fans to reward them for their commitment and even Philipp Lahm and Thomas Muller voiced their gratitude when they heard about the lengths their fans went to see them play. Take note soccer fans around the world, this is how you become a true fan.

h/t ProSoccerTalk

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Puts On Spiderman Mask During Goal Celebration

This is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s goal celebration after he scored in todays German Super Cup which Borussia Dortmund won 2-0 over Bayern Munich. I wonder how many games he would have carried that mask around with him if he had not scored today..

Pep Guardiola The Big Baby


Pep Guardiola was very angry after the end of the MLS All-Star game because of all the hard tackles the MLS players committed against his team. To a certain extent he was right, tackles such as the rash one Osvaldo Alonso committed, have no place in a friendly. What players on the field do though is sometimes out of the coaches control. Caleb Porter most likely did not tell his players to make rash tackles and play physical. Instead, the players did that instinctively because they wanted to win and prove themselves against one of the best club teams in the world. It was their chance to make a statement and you have to respect them for rising to the occasion, even if some of the tackles were unnecessary. Pep Guardiola was acting like an immature child when he didn’t shake Caleb Porter’s hand and it’s even more surprising that he has still remained stoic in his resolve not to apologize. Say what you want about “meaningless friendlies” but this game definitely helped Bayern Munich prepare for the upcoming grueling season and the MLS All Stars provided a good test for his team. Pep can take his issues with the referees (which he did) but at least shake your opposing coaches hand after a friendly. That just shows a complete lack of respect.