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Dude Perfect, Oscar and Lamela: Football v Football Challenge

Dude Perfect does it again. I wonder if Erik Lamela or Oscar even knew who these guys were before agreeing to film this.

Also, I started browsing Soccer AM’s YouTube channel after I watched this video and they are putting out a lot of quality videos. I’m going to have to keep an eye on them.



Harry Kane: “When I Was 11 Defoe Stopped His Car To Play Football With Me”

And just like that I have a new found respect for Jermaine Defoe. Imagine if you were a kid playing footy on the streets and a professional soccer player stopped to play with you? That would go down as one of the top five moments in my life. It is hard to quantify how much that affected Harry Kane’s development into a world-class professional soccer player but I bet it had at least a little effect on who he became. It’s also an extra dash of class that Defoe gave his number to Kane when he left the club. What a great guy who clearly saw the potential of Harry Kane before many of us got to see it play out on the pitch.

It’s Time For USMNT To Get Carter-Vickers

A lot has been made recently of DeAndre Yedlin’s move from the Seattle Sounders to Tottenham Hotspur. However, many US soccer fans might not be aware that there has already been a US national team defensive prospect on Tottenham for a few years now. His name is Cameron Carter-Vickers, and this 17-year-old is one of the most impressive central defensive prospects in the US youth system. 

However, the problem is that he is also an impressive central defensive prospect in the English youth system. Therefore, the longer he goes uncapped for the USA, the more time England has to realize his skill and take up the option.

Cameron Carter-Vickers was born and raised in Southend, England, the son of an American father, Howard Carter, and an English mother.  At the age of 11 he joined the Tottenham academy and has remained there ever since. The athleticism he has displayed thus far for Tottenham reminds many of his athletically talented father, a former professional basketball player who was a member of LSU’s Final Four team in 1981 and played in the NBA for the Denver Nuggets. Although Cameron Carter-Vickers grew up playing both basketball and soccer, he decided to stay with the sport of soccer and the skills he learned playing both sports have definitely helped him as a player. When his parents later separated, Cameron stayed in England, maintaining a connection to his adopted homeland through annual visits to his father’s home in Baton Rouge, Lousiana.

Carter-Vickers stands at 6’1 and weighs a solid 190 pounds. His height and strength give him the power to fend off defenders and dominate in aerial battles, which is why he has excelled as a central defender. It helps that Tottenham has the pedigree to successfully develop central defenders who have been trained by their academy. Sol Campbell and Ledley King are examples of Tottenham-trained defenders who enjoyed very successful careers as center backs in the Premier League. Therefore, it is safe to say that Tottenham is one of the better academies for Cameron to train in so that he can become the best central defender he can be. Recently, he signed a two-year contract that will keep him at White Hart Lane until 2016. He has plenty of time at Tottenham to continue his development.

As is the case with most dual-nationals, US Soccer needs to reach out early and often if it hopes to secure key players’ allegiance before another FA comes calling. So far US Soccer has done so. During a tournament at IMG Academy in December 2013, while he was playing for Tottenham’s youth academy team. US Scouts noticed that Cameron was eligible for a US passport . U-18 head coach Javier Perez reached out to Cameron and Tottenham about his availability. Soon after, Cameron acquired an American passport and made his debut for the U-18 squad. By October 2014 he was being called into the U-23 camp and starting against Brazil. Despite the obvious interest from the US he still has no caps that tie him to US soccer so his long-term international future remains up for grabs

There is a lot of upside to Cameron Carter-Vickers. At age 17 he is one of the youngest players on the U-20 US Youth National team, and he has already solidified himself as one of their two first-choice center backs. The sky is the limit for him as long as he gets the time he needs in order to develop. At a club of Tottenham’s size there is always the concern that Cameron will have trouble breaking into the first team. Although this concern is very real, during his time at Southampton Tottenham’s head coach Mauricio Pochettino has shown that he believes in giving youth players from the academy a chance with the first team. After a few years, when Cameron Carter-Vickers reaches the point when he can challenge for a first-team spot, he will surely get a chance, assuming Mauricio is still there. If not, the Tottenham academy will have prepared him well for a career on another Premier League or Championship team.

When asked which country he would like to represent, he has stated his desire to play for the USMNT. However, his rapid progress has not gone unnoticed by the England media. Although the English FA has made no overtures, there is no guarantee that there is not one coming in the future.  Under Jurgen Klinsman, the current USMNT coaching regime has had much success in luring dual nationals to play for the US, but the failure to convince Giuseppe Rossi and Neven Subotic still haunts US Soccer. There is much hope that Cameron Carter-Vickers will not join that sobering list.

Even though he is still young, it is imperative that Cameron get capped as soon as possible. If he performs well at the U-20 World Cup in New Zealand this summer, it is safe to assume that England FA could decide to make him a primary target. Therefore, with a dual-national player of Carter-Vickers’ caliber, the USMNT needs to make its move, striking while the iron is heating up, instead of once it is scalding hot. By that point it might be too late.

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Golazo- Erik Lamela Scores Breathtaking Rabona Goal


Is there anything better than a Rabona? It is one of my favorite soccer moves of all time. It looks so effortless (It’s not) and cool. The thing that makes it even more impressive is how stupid and wasteful it looks if you screw it up. The Rabona catches defenders/goalies off-guard but it is never necessary which is why it is so impressive when a soccer player pulls it out of his bag of tricks. I don’t know what went through Erik Lamela’s mind when he took this shot. The only explanation I can think of is it was instinctual because there’s no way you decide to do that in that short amount of time.

Fan Runs On Pitch And Takes Free Kick During West Ham/Tottenham Game

For the rest of this guys life he has an unbeatable story to tell. If he ever has to give a fun fact in front of a group this will always be the one he goes with. I want to say it was probably worth it but he is probably banned from the stadium for life, got jail time, and has to pay huge fines. The most impressive part though is that this was a pretty decent free kick for taking it one time after running the full length of the field.

Previous Vine was taken down so please find a link to the video here:

Tottenham Signs DeAndre Yedlin

Yedlin, 21, signed a 4-year deal but will remain with the Sounders on loan at least through the end of the Major League Soccer season, which concludes in December. Tottenham said he would join the London club ahead of the 2015-16 season.

Spurs will pay MLS a $4 million transfer fee, according to ESPN’s Taylor Twellman, a sizable portion of which goes to the Sounders.

According to DeAndre he spoke with Jurgen Klinsmann who obviously was very supportive of this transfer. Some US soccer fan are hesitant when hearing about young players going abroad too early because it can sometimes be harmful to  young player’s career if he does not get the requisite playing time and ends up stunting his development. However, not every player is the same and although Tottenham has a deep squad which will be tough to break into, there is no doubt that Yedlin has the talent to break into the starting lineup. If he does then the USMNT will have gained a very valuable asset for the upcoming Copa America 2016 and 2018 World Cup in Russia.