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Penalty Pressure with Müller, Gerrard, Suárez & Coentrão

Only the coolest can handle a penalty on the ultimate stage. Find out what it takes, from Thomas Müller, Steven Gerrard, Luis Suárez and Fabio Coentrão.

Penalties have the potential to be heartbreaking. In fact in New Jersey, the high school soccer state finals can end in a tie after overtime because (allegedly) they do not want games to end in penalty kicks because a player runs the risk of shouldering the blame of losing the game for his team if he misses a crucial penalty kick. Now of course professional sports finals can’t end with “co-champions” so penalty kicks are necessary. However, any player who has taken a penalty kick knows that they are not as easy as they look. You could take a million penalty kicks in practice but nothing can replicate the pressure of a penalty kick. That’s why there are only a few players on each team trusted with taking them. Steven Gerrard has buried a lot of penalty kicks in his career but if Jamie Carragher had taken those same penalties Liverpool’s record this past decade would have looked a lot different. At the end of the day, if you aren’t confident enough to take a penalty kick then don’t take it because by that point you have lot the most important part of the penalty kick battle, the mental battle.


Gamedayplus — Steven Gerrard, Gareth Bale, Bastian Schweinsteiger Presented By adidas

Watch Bastian Schweinsteiger teach us how to take a perfect freekick, see Steven Gerrard on the driving range talk about the UEFA Champions League and listen to Gareth Bale’s thoughts on life so far with Real Madrid C.F.

The main focus of this is for adidas to market their products but I don’t care. These Gamedayplus videos are real treat. Before watching this I would never have known Steven Gerrard was such a good golfer. Of course this is only one video out of an entire series so make sure to follow the others. Not only do you get to see more of your favorite soccer stars but you also get a sneak peak at the latest adidas products. It’s a win-win.

Adidas Trolls Ajax With Fake Jerseys

This is classic. The looks on the faces of these three Ajax players and coach Frank de Boer is priceless. These days, teams get almost 4 different jerseys before each season and it is well-documented that some of them can be pretty ugly. Therefore, it is no surprise that these Ajax players and coach believed Ajax marketing director Edwin van der Sar and the adidas staff when they presented these jerseys. On another note, it’s good to see adidas are able to poke fun at themselves. The effect is a funny video with a lot of marketing potential.

Pikachu On Japan’s World Cup Jerseys

If you haven’t heard either online or during our most recent Google Hangout, it was recently announced that adidas and Pokemon will further enhance the partnership they formed earlier in the year by releasing replica jerseys with Pikachu on the front. This move, like the other merchandise adidas and Pokemon have released together since they formed their partnership, is intended to attract younger fans to soccer. We shall see if this move pans out but I have to say I’m disappointed that the Japanese national team will never actually suit up in these during the World Cup. Who knows, maybe Pikachu could have fired Keisuke Honda and crew into the knockout round…

Inside The World Cup Ball: Adidas’ Most Tested Ever

With just over a month until the World Cup in Brazil kicks off, Bloomberg paid a trip to Adidas’ innovation center at its headquarters in Germany. Antonio Zea, the head of Adidas’ innovation team for soccer, explains the “Brazuca,” the soccer ball designed for the World Cup finals starting next month.

The amount of thought and engineering that goes into creating these balls is astounding. I always wrongly assumed that the movements of different soccer balls was “all in my head”. In other words, if I shanked a shot then it wasn’t the ball that led to that bad shot but the shot itself. Although that is probably still the case within my experiences (I rarely played with the higher end soccer balls) I would love to kick this ball and see how it behaves differently when compared to the other soccer balls in my possession. Hey adidas want to send the93rdminute a free one?