Osvaldo Alonso And His Father Reunite After 8 Years Apart

Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Osvaldo Alonso defected from Cuba in 2007 and has found incredible success in the United States, but he’s also made a tremendous sacrifice. Alonso never returned to Cuba and up until two weeks ago, hadn’t seen his father in eight years. With the two now reunited, it’s a dream come true for father and son.

This is quite the tearjerker. Imagine having to spend 8 years away from your father just to chase a better life and a better future for yourself? It makes me especially emotional because I never fully appreciated my dad coming to my soccer games. He was always there and I barely took notice. Osvaldo, on the other hand, probably looked over at the sideline every game hoping to see his dad standing there watching him. Cherish the little things you guys.

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