Soccer AM v FIFA 16: What Does It Take To Be A FIFA World Beater?

Gifted gamer David Bytheway went all the way to the FIFA Interactive World Cup Final last summer, only to be edged out after playing past two million hopefuls. Soccer AM’s Adam Smith went to Wolverhampton to find out how he trains, get an idea of his real-life footballing talent and learn more about his creative approach to stress-relief.

To be honest I don’t fully get e-gaming. Whenever I have to sit and watch someone play FIFA I get antsy. I get bored watching and just count down the minutes until I can play. Despite my personal opinion it is hard to argue against how much impact FIFA e-gamers have had on soccer culture. Now kids who never stood a chance at being professional soccer players can make it to a “World Cup” and earn actual money playing FIFA (What I would give to go back in time armed with this knowledge when I argued with my mom about how I was playing too many video games). Not only is he playing in a “World Cup” but he also is playing FIFA with professional soccer players like David De Gea. If I could play FIFA with professional English Premier League players then I would drop playing actual soccer and pickup an Xbox controller so fast it would make your head spin.

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