Best Assist Ever- Do We Call It An Assitazo?


Chievo pulled off a fantastic result on Sunday – beating Lazio 4-0 at home.

The Flying Donkeys smashed Lazio in one of the most surprising early season results of Serie A so far.
Alberto Paloschi claimed the second goal for Chievo on 30 minutes, but it was all down to an incredible flying back heel from Riccardo Meggiorini on the touchline.

Have you ever seen an assist as awesome as this? I don’t think I have. It’s so perfect and instinctive it almost looks like he didn’t mean to do it. Personally, I think he did but you’re entitled to your own opinion. Either way I don’t know what to call this. I’m so used to having the term “golazo” to describe spectacular goals that I’m at a loss for what to call a spectacular assist. An assitazo? That sounds kind of lame. I think we need to find a term for it.

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