Ian Hutchison Redesigns The US Soccer Jerseys And They Look Amazing

US Crest Reimagined
Home Jersey Concept
Away Jersey Concept

From FootyHeadlines.com:

Orange County based designer Ian Hutchison has spent his free time for the past month to work on a new US Soccer Crest and Kit Concept after he was disappointed with the leaked 2016 US Soccer Crest.

As he felt that the new US Soccer 2016 Logo was too generic, the illustrator created a unique US Soccer Logo Redesign drawing inspiration from the Great Seal of the United States, and incorporated the popular US Soccer Centennial crest. He was inspired by the famous crests of the English FA, German Football Federation and the France 2014 World Cup Kits.

The US kits have been up and down for the past decade. Some have looked horrendous. Others average. While a few I actually liked (although that wasn’t always the consensus). However, I always thought the designers weren’t really given free reign to design an eye-catching jersey. I always felt as if they were holding back. Although I wouldn’t say the above jerseys are perfect they are definitely very cool. The coolest part though aren’t the jerseys themselves but the crest. That crest screams America. I would sign up right now for this crest if they put this to a vote. Teams would rather forfeit they face a team wearing that crest.


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