League One Team Allows Opponent To Score On Them After Accidentally Scoring #Sportsmanship

From Deadspin:

Today’s League One match between Doncaster Rovers and Bury was scoreless into the 89th minute. Bury’s Nathan Cameron went down with an injury, and a teammate kicked the ball out so that Cameron could receive treatment. Upon resumption of the game, Doncaster’s Harry Forrester attempted to pass the ball back to the Bury keeper … and accidentally scored. After some chaos involving the two teams, both managers, and the referees, Bury’s Leon Clarke was allowed to walk the ball into the goal.

This series of events has been one of the bigger questions of my life. Whenever I see a player purposely pass to the opposing team after kicking it out for an injured player I always wondered what if that pass accidentally scored. A team with good sportsmanship should let the other team score but they aren’t obligated too. It’s an unwritten rule in soccer and therefore does not have to be followed. Considering soccer is a game of fine margins and this goal could be the difference between Doncaster getting relegated or not relegated at the end of this year (a little dramatic but is is possible) it is still amazing they did this even though it is the first game of the season. Of course if they hadn’t they would have lost in the court of public opinion but that would have blown over in time. I really hope they don’t pay the ultimate price for this because this behavior should be encouraged.


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