Lionel Messi The Choke Artist

Lionel Messi has always had the benefit of being compared to Cristiano Ronaldo. When people see Cristiano Ronaldo they see an arrogant pretty-boy who they falsely assume is only playing for himself and personal accolades. Therefore, when they see a soft-spoken Messi they naturally assume that he is the exact opposite of Ronaldo. It’s only recently the cracks have been showing in this facade. Messi has been accused of ‘bullying and insulting’ team-mates to point of tears and insulted the entire country of Gabon when he showed up in shorts to an important political appearance. There have been other less-well documented times where he has reacted in a way many would assume him incapable of. I think it is about time we start making Messi out as someone he isn’t. He is a world-class athlete prone to just as much arrogance and violence as Cristiano Ronaldo or any other world class soccer player. Just because he is smaller and comes off as shy shouldn’t give him a free pass.

Stir Up the Pot!

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