Check Out strives to serve the FIFA Video Game community in all things Ultimate Team. We launched in February 2012 with some basic database features and inspiration from sites like UltimateDB and WowHead. Since then, we’ve not only added some sweet features such as the Squad Creator and User Reviews, but we’ve also grown to over 1 million registered users, and had over 80 million unique visitors. We’ll keep adding features, tweaking the site, and growing with this awesome community during FIFA 15 and onwards.

A friend told me about this site and I’ve been using it ever since. Essentially it lets you compare players by their FIFa (the video game) stats. Of course FIFA stats are not completely exact since they are for a video game but it gives you a general stat line you can compare players to that normally wouldn’t exist. For example who are the slowest deep-lying playmakers or who are the fastest poachers in the world? With this website you can make those comparisons so next time you head to a bar and get in an argument with a friend you have some concrete knowledge to base your argument in. Although good luck remembering most of this stuff when you’re a few pints in!

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