Pitch Invasion During CSKA Sofia – Ashdod | Friendly Game

From SI.com:

Players from Israeli club Ashdod were chased from the field by fans during a friendly against Bulgarian side CSKA Sofia on Sunday.

The incident occurred in the first minute of stoppage time with Ashdod leading 1–0. After a hard tackle by an Ashdod player resulted in a red card, bottles rained down from the stands and dozens of CSKA fans ran onto the field.

The fans began to run after the visiting players, who fled into an empty portion of the stands. One fan threw what appeared to be a glass bottle and hit an Ashdod player in the head.

According to Bulgarian site Sportal.bg, the fans were upset with the physical nature of Ashdod’s play. The foul immediately preceding the violence was the third red card of the match for Ashdod. CSKA supporters, particularly the group known as “Sector G,” are well known for being violent at times.

Not sure what was so “friendly” about this game. It seems a little excessive for these fans to react so violently to a game that didn’t matter. Not that it would have been excusable had the game mattered but at least that would put some perspective to it.

It doesn’t surprise me that these fans have a history of violence though because only fans known for hooliganism would react in such a horrific way. Fans like these are what give soccer a bad name and I hope the club is harshly punished. You shouldn’t have to go to a soccer game and fear for your life.

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