Pyro, Flares & Chaos – Spencer FC Experiences Sarajevo Derby

Spencer FC was invited to the Sarejevo Derby by Eli Mengem to experience Real Football. Explosions, flares, fan marches & ultras all contributed to an incredible atmosphere and experience!

What an experience this would be. I can only imagine the thrill of experiencing an event like this from inside the stadium. However, despite the excitement I am not so sure I would be able to survive this. It takes a different breed of human being to survive in the hooligan wilderness. I once went to an Olympiacos game and sat in the die-hard fan section and I’ve never been more aware of the danger I was in. There were even police in full riot gear with AK-47s outside the fan gate in case anything went wrong. Fortunately nothing did go wrong but during that experience it would have only taken one wrong comment or one accidental action to have set off that crowd. If I had done so I would have had no one to get my back and that’s a scary feeling. That’s why if I went to these games I’d be a passive observer. It’s not worth the risk

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