Everyone On PSG Sucks At Basketball Except For Super Zlatan

It is a guilty pleasure of mine to watch athletes compete in a sport they don’t play professionally. When I see some of these athletes try and fail to play another sport it convinces me that I could beat them and it helps makes me feel better about myself. Now I know that some of these athletes who compete in another sports sometimes look just as awesome as when they play their natural sport. However, I’m not talking about those guys because they are just athletic gods who are good at everything. I purposely ignore them for my own self-esteem.

Zlatan looks like one of these guys. It seems like he is barely trying in this video and he still is the best basketball player on the court which is exactly how he usually looks on the soccer field. He is a scorer no matter what sport he plays. It’s an innate ability that translates across all athletic contests. I’m not saying he’d be able to play basketball professionally but he definitely would have been very good had he played another sport. That’s something that is fun to imagine, what Zlatan would be like if he played in the NBA. I’m a little disappointed I’ll never know

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