Sepp Blatter Gets Embarrassed At FIFA Conference When British Comedian Makes It Rain

From The Daily Mail:

Disgraced FIFA president Sepp Blatter sensationally had a bundle of fake banknotes thrown over him by a comedian who gatecrashed his press conference in Zurich today.

Englishman Simon Brodkin – whose comedy creations include footballer Jason Bent and Lee Nelson – calmly walked up to Blatter’s position behind a table at the front of the stage and placed a wad of pretend US dollars on the table, saying: ‘This is for North Korea 2026’.

He then turned to address the press while Blatter, who later announced he would not stand for another term as FIFA president in the new elections having resigned earlier this year, waved urgently at security guards to take him away.

They duly arrived either side of Brodkin, but before they could remove him he threw a huge bundle of notes into the air, which rained down around the out-going president of football’s governing body.

Whoever this guy is he is my new hero. I love whenever Sepp gets what’s coming to him. After incidents such as these he always tries to appear unflappable and unperturbed but you know it bothers him. He wants everyone to think things like this don’t affect him. However, deep down inside you know these things do and as his fall from grace continues the cracks in his armor are starting to appear. This is a man who only a few months ago thought he was above the law even as his inner circle crumbled around him. The man is so out of touch with reality it is sickening. I’m just glad he came to power at FIFA and not as the leader of a country because if he had his dictatorship would have been brutal and destructive.


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