Battle of Cascadia – Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders | Derby Days

The Portland Timbers host the Seattle Sounders in the latest match of the rivalry, Eli Mengem meets the players and fans behind these two Cascadia teams, including a chainsaw-wealding mascot at Providence Park

Now I’m not one who likes to continually bash MLS. There are things the league does I disagree with and I believe the quality of the play could be better. However, the one thing I have liked is their emphasis on supporter culture. It has helped create an environment within their stadiums that helps separate it from the other American sports leagues. Unfortunately, some of the supporter culture can come across as a little bit manufactured. Some of the chants seem forced and I feel like a lot of the rivalries they’ve established don’t have the history or importance that make derbies in leagues such as the English Premier League and La Liga as fierce.

There has been one rivalry that I have always admired in MLS though and that is  the Timbers/Sounders rivalries. It just doesn’t seem forced. That’s probably because the two teams actually have a history to their rivalry unlike the Red Bulls and NYC FC who literally just manufactured their animosity out of thin air. Their intense rivalry is what makes this documentary so enjoyable. For a second you almost think these two teams play in Liverpool or Manchester the energy is that palpable. Hopefully this can naturally make its way across the leagu

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