Indi Cowie Crossbar Challenge 2.0 #TakeOnTJ

Check out this awesome video from Indi Cowie completing her crossbar 2.0 as she prepares to #TakeOnTJ this season. Who is TJ? TJ is a metaphorical person who pushes us to be our best. When we are training and we think we are at the top of our game then we don’t train to as hard as we should be training We do one less sprint, cut off our practice by ten minutes, and take plays off during scrimmages. That’s why we need a TJ. TJ is the girl/guy on the team who always does that little bit of extra work to make himself/herself better than you. He/She is staying after practice for an extra half hour to do sprints or taking free kicks till the lights go out. We need a TJ to push us so that we don’t rest on our laurels. Without a TJ we won’t improve and at the end of the day might find ourselves on the bench.

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