Sprinklers Go On In The Middle Of An MLS Match

You cannot make this stuff up. It could have happened in any league too yet it is only fitting it happens in an MLS game. I feel so bad for that Sporting Kansas City employee though. I’ve made some bad mistakes at my jobs that have made me want to leave work and go crawl in a hole but they all pale in comparison to the monstrous mistake this employee made. In the grand scheme of things it’s an easy fix. However, I would be surprised if this guy/girl still works there. I mean I hope he/she does because we all make mistakes but scapegoats usually get the brunt of the punishment and I could see him/her getting strung up for this honest mistake. If you do lose your job random Sporting Kansas City employee there’s always a writing gig here at The 93rd Minute. We just will make sure not to give you and phone privileges.

h/t Deadspin

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