CIES Releases Annual Transfer Report- Eden Hazard Has Second Most Transfer Value

Click here to look at the full report

 Now I know what some of you may be thinking, “Why isn’t Cristiano Ronaldo number two?” Well that’s because Cristiano Ronaldo’s age. 27 years old is commonly known as the time when a player reaches their peak athletic ability in soccer (goalkeeper’s are the exception). Once a player hits 30 he begins the downward slope of his career. With each year he loses his speed, ability to recover, and stamina. Although Cristiano Ronaldo is in peak physical condition and takes great care of his body it doesn’t stop the fact that he doesn’t have much time at his peak left whereas Messi has just hit his peak. Eden Hazard is number two because although he hasn’t reached the peak of Messi or Ronaldo he is still relatively young and has already shown a lot of promise. Therefore, his transfer value is based on how high his ceiling is. Although there is no guarantee he reaches that high ceiling, the odds are in his favor. It’d be interesting to see in the coming years whether Chelsea manages to hold onto him or transfers him for a record fee to Barcelona, Real Madrid, or maybe even Bayern Munich.


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