Boy Wakes Up From Four Week Coma And First Thing He Does When He Wakes Up Is Ask If Juventus Is Still In The UCL

From Bleacher Report:

A 14-year-old boy has survived an extraordinary ordeal, which saw him spend more than 40 minutes trapped underwater and a month in an induced coma—and top of his priority list upon waking was to find out if Juventus were still in the Champions League.

Italy’s Milan Chronicle (via Victoria Richards of the Independent) reports that he and five friends jumped off a bridge into a canal near Milan. Stuck in the canal, his heart stopped. Remarkably, he showed no signs of brain damage and not only woke up but wanted to know what was happening in football.

“After four weeks in hospital in San Raffaele, he is said to have woken, spoken to his parents and asked whether his favourite football team, Juventus, was still in the Champions League.”

Now this kid is a true soccer fan. An entire month in a coma and he could care less about anything else except the status of his favorite soccer team. You know what? This kid’s devotion has inspired me. I was on the fence on who to root for this Saturday. I don’t want Barcelona because I despise Suarez but I also have no affinity for Juventus. Until I read about this kid I was just going to root for a “good game” but screw that I’m a Juventus fan this Saturday. Both for this kid and the more I think about it the more I think I like Carlos Tevez.


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