People Make Anti-Logos To Urge Sponsors To Withdraw From Qatar 2022 World Cup


FIFA’s decision to hold the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is drawing more and more criticism as more and more allegations of everything from bribery and financial mismanagement to slavery and deadly work conditions pile up. 900 workers have died during construction for the Qatar world cup, and some estimate that this number will rise to 4,000 before they’re finished.

Migrant workers’ passports are often confiscated upon entry into Qatar, and they require exist visas to leave. Many reports indicate that these workers cannot leave the country and that their employers can hold back pay almost indefinitely. This has hit Nepalese workers especially hard recently, as many of them have been refused the chance to return home after the earthquakes that devastated Nepal. The intense heat in Qatar (which can reach 50C – or 122F) not only makes things hard on the laborers, it also means that the actual cup had to be moved to the winter, which will disrupt other sports organizations around the world.

A few people have begun drawing and sharing anti-advertisements featuring major sponsors that continue to support the World Cup. Take a look!

I picked a bunch of the best ones but make sure to click the link above and look at all of them because they are all pretty good. After yesterday’s events it is important that stuff like this go viral. The only way to force FIFA to address Qatar’s human rights issues or take away the World Cup from them all together is for the sponsors to take away their money. FIFA is ruled by money (hence the corruption) so their corruption wouldn’t be worth it if they weren’t making the boatloads of money they make off the World Cup through their sponsors. If sponsors feel like their brand will be ruined by being associated with FIFA then they will drop like flies and thats when FIFA will finally be backed into a corner.


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