Steven Gerrard and Liverpool Players Drunkenly Signing And Dancing To The Kolo Toure Song

From Bleacher Report:

The Yaya/Kolo Toure song has taken on a life of its own in recent years and is often heard on nights out, whether it be from stag groups or darts fans.Now, it looks like Liverpool’s players have got in on the act, as a video has emerged of the team’s players singing the song with particular fun and relish.

The song was filmed in Dubai, where the club’s players are enjoying a brief holiday as a farewell to captain Steven Gerrard.At one point, Gerrard seems to be conducting the song, which celebrates his Liverpool team-mate Kolo and his brother Yaya.The club confirmed Kolo signed a contract extension with Liverpool on Tuesday, which no doubt encouraged them to break out the tune.

@TheAnfieldChat said it best because the more I watch this the less and less I care about that devastating 6-1 loss at Stoke. Make no doubt about it that loss sucked and I’m still pissed off about it but this wipes away all my pain. I would give my left arm (not my leg I need both of those for soccer) to have been drunkenly dancing and singing with them in Dubai. However, like my friend remarked “where was this camaraderie all season?”This team looks like the best of friends in this video and best friends should do better than sixth place. Nonetheless every time I get down this off-season and inevitably next season I will watch this video to cheer me up. It will be my version of painkillers


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