High School Soccer Vs. US Soccer Development Academy

From Goal Nation:

Brandon Quaranta, Director of Coaching for Baltimore Celtic SC and McDonogh High School Varsity Boys Soccer Head Coach, shares his thoughts on the overlapping world of High School and Academy.  This is a debate — or discussion — which flairs up and makes everyone question what is really best for America’s elite youth soccer players …. And, whose decision should it be?

This debate will take awhile to be resolved and it is a real shame. As a player who once played both club and high school soccer I am a firm believer that both have their benefits. While I understand that high school soccer isn’t as developed and the competition is below the quality of club soccer I do not believe that makes it useless. There’s a bond and level of camaraderie that one gets from playing high school sports that they can’t get from club sports. Most of these players won’t end up in the professional ranks and of the few who do many won’t be successful. Therefore, for those players sport experiences are just as important as the training they received. In that regard the experiences they would gain from playing high school soccer are worth their weight in gold. It is not fair to take that completely away from them. There must be a way to compromise so that these players can receive the superior training of their club teams without completely giving up on high school soccer. I hope for the sake of america’s youth that a compromise is reached sooner rather than later because I feel for those players who are being deprived of high school soccer.

Click the hyperlink above to read the entire article. Brandon offers a very unique point of view on this issue.


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