Pickup Soccer Game Complete With LED Lights And A Drone Ref

Genius feats and experiences brought to you by Pepsi Max
We surprise a group of footballers in Barcelona by transforming their local pitch into an incredible, interactive football arena.
Using drones, advanced projection technology and over 30,000 programmable LED lights we created a football experience unlike any other.
Watch the players’ reactions as their Friday night five-a-side match is elevated to unimaginable heights.

Why can’t this happen when I’m playing pickup.soccer? Instead I’m stuck playing with a few kids who refuse to stop dribbling and a score that quickly gets out of hand as people begin to play less and less defense.

Pepsi I would like to formally request you come to New York City to do this and invite me. Also, do you think these kids knew this was going to happen? Was it a complete surprise or were these paid actors? It seems a lot could go wrong by leaving this up to chance but it would be way cooler if that was the case


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